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Jerusalem’s Alternative Collective Memory Agents

Menachem Klein

earlier, in 1925, Halbwachs had published his book The Social Framework of Memory . This book, argues the historian Vincent Lemire, made Halbwachs the “first scholar to have attempted a sociological approach to memory processes” (ibid.). In Jerusalem

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Guiding Settler Jerusalem

Voice and the Transpositions of History in Religious Zionist Pilgrimage

Alejandro I. Paz

This article examines how Elad, a religious Zionist settler group, attempts to reanimate biblical tales by transposing biblical text as part of tours for Jewish visitors to the City of David archaeological site in East Jerusalem. Since the early 1990s, Elad has created controversy by settling in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, provoking criticism from Israeli archaeologists and peace activists. In an effort to avoid 'politics' during tours, the group emphasizes a now globalized historicist reading of the Bible, an interpretation popularized by archaeology over the last century and a half. The article considers how transposition from this historicist reading into the here and now is a rhetorical device used to create a biblical realism that does not yet exist in the contested landscape. However, rather than producing an erasure of the Palestinian presence, and in contradiction to the professed desire to refrain from politics, I show that the very communicative situation and multiple framings for producing this biblical realism inevitably remind visitors of the contemporary context.

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Israel's Management of the Western Wall

Deconstructing Policy

Laura Wharton

The Western Wall in Jerusalem was built as a supporting wall for the Temple Mount, where the Jewish Temple stood, and serves as a place of prayer and mourning over the Temple's destruction and the subsequent Jewish Diaspora. However, the

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Curating Conflict

Four Exhibitions on Jerusalem

Sa'ed Atshan and Katharina Galor

“The heritage of Jerusalem is indivisible, and each of its communities has a right to the explicit recognition of their history and relationship with the city. To deny, conceal or erase any of the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim traditions

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Intimidation, reassurance, and invisibility

Israeli security agents in the Old City of Jerusalem

Erella Grassiani and Lior Volinz

The Old city of Jerusalem is a place of extremes, where tourists and pilgrims come to see the sights and pray, but where violence is often just around the corner. As part of East Jerusalem, the square kilometer called the Old City is

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Christian Pilgrimage Groups in Jerusalem

Framing the Experience Through Linear Meta-Narrative

Vida Bajc

Christian pilgrims come to the Holy Land to visit specific physical places that give their faith a tangible form. On organized tours, pilgrimage is structured through an itinerary which consists of a series of encounters, purposefully shaped to bring to life the story of Jesus. These encounters involve performative practices of tour-group leaders at specific symbolic sites with particular narratives. The biblical reality is invoked through a process of meta-framing which allows for a cognitive shift from the mundane walking from site to site into a biblical reality. Meta-framing interlaces the Christian religious memory, performed by the spiritual leader, with the Israeli historical memory, performed by the Israeli tour guide, into a single, linear meta-narrative.

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The Return to the Monument

The Looming Absence of the Temple

Hava Schwartz

Figure 2 Golden Menorah constructed by the Temple Institute, the Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem Photographs © Hava Schwartz The images of the Temple and the menorah are deeply embedded in Jewish art. The facade of the Temple and the shape of the menorah

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Identity, Ethnicity, and Nationalism

The Rabban Yochanan Ben-Zakai Synagogue and the Sephardi Community of Jerusalem, 1900–1948

Reuven Gafni

On an early Thursday afternoon in July 1904, several hundred people—men, women, and even young children—crowded into the relatively small prayer hall in the Rabban Yochanan Ben-Zakai synagogue in Jerusalem. The event was the eulogy of Binyamin Ze

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The Temple Mount/al-Aqsa in Zionist and Palestinian National Consciousness

A Comparative View

Hillel Cohen

for holiness, and this has been an important influence on both national societies and the relations between them. Regarding the connection between Palestinian nationalism and Jerusalem, I argue—following Rashid Khalidi (1997) and Haim Gerber (2008

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A Transforming Path – The Pilgrims’ Songs

Klara Butting

pilgrim's path of righteousness and of peace begins with this opening question, a text-space opens up, in which I gain images of peace and in which steps are taken along the path of peace. Arrival and Crisis in Jerusalem After recognising that ‘I