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Peter R.A. Oeij, Steven Dhondt, and Noortje M. Wiezer

The European situation of new forms of work organisation and stress risks in jobs are described against the 'decentralisation-human factor orientation model', which discerns types of work organisation. 'Flexible firms' based on lean production have the highest probability of high strain jobs, predicting negative health effects. Among European employees, those working in high strain work organisations report the highest number of complaints with musculoskeletal problems, allergies and asthma and stress-related problems. Although new forms of work organisation are limited in occurrence, most of them tend towards lean production, indicating growing stress risks for employees. The authors suggest to reduce stress risks in jobs by redesigning those organisational conditions labelled as sources for these risks into work situations with a better balance in job demands and job control.

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Robyn Ashworth-Steen

motivated by love for God and not for reward or punishment. 25 To help elucidate his theory Maimonides comments upon the Book of Job. 26 He sees Job as a simple believer by pointing out, surprisingly, that whilst Job is described as righteous he is ‘not

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Richard Ivan Jobs, Judith Surkis, Laura Lee Downs, Nimisha Barton, and Kimberly A. Arkin

Mark McKinney, Redrawing French Empire in Comics (Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University Press, 2013). Review by Richard Ivan Jobs, Pacific University In Redrawing French Empire in Comics , Mark McKinney scrutinizes bande dessinée (BD) to

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Richard Ivan Jobs

In A Crooked Line (2005), Geoff Eley combines personal memoir with historiography to consider the changes to historical practice during his career, particularly the rise of social history and that of cultural history.* Both approaches, he says, foregrounded the histories of suppressed or hidden groups and both relied upon interdisciplinary methodologies to do so. Yet a bitter rift emerged between the adherents of each, particularly regarding historical claims to truth, a tension that he identifies as peaking in the mid-1980s. To exemplify the shifts underway, he focuses on the unusual structure and form of Carolyn Steedman’s 1986 book, Landscape for a Good Woman. While I have no quibbles with his choice, in this essay I want to point to another text from the same moment that deserves revisiting, particularly given the way it experiments with historical storytelling and the interplay of the professional and the personal. Bonnie Smith’s slim 1985 volume, Confessions of a Concierge, has arguably been overshadowed by her later work of monographs, collections, textbooks, and encyclopedia. As 2015 marks the thirtieth anniversary of its publication, as well as Bonnie Smith’s official retirement from Rutgers University, I offer here an evaluation of the book, consider its rather awkward reception, and situate it within concerns that continue to preoccupy historians of France and Europe.

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In Search of Job and Partner

Life Stories of Women in Iakutiia

Lilia Vinokurova and Sardana Boiakova

The article presents an interpretation of the life stories of indigenous women in Iakutiia. Individual biographies of several women are analyzed with the focus on the agency of indigenous women in contemporary Russian reality. The article argues that the economic crisis in Russia and its social consequences are reasons for women to make the choice for action. The contemporary portrait of indigenous women is juxtaposed with the traditional values and image of women that assists in their ability to get through challenges of time and adapt to the demands of the contemporary period.

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Stephen J. Silvia

A Texas wag once remarked, “Oilmen are like cats. You can’t tell from the sound of them whether they’re fighting or making love.” German industrial relations are not much different. In the heat of collective bargaining, the Federal Republic’s “social partners” (that is, trade unions and employers’ associations) frequently exchange vitriolic barbs in public, while simultaneously engaging in pragmatic, professional negotiations behind closed doors.

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Anan D’Sageinan B’Shleimuta

A Theology of LGBTQ Integrity, Integration and Rabbinic Leadership

Shulamit Ambalu

outsiders perhaps, and hard to place in jobs. ‘Why now?’ I understood that question. But I only half answered it. I said that it was precisely because of my experiences of dealing with questions of pride and integrity, of bringing together the difficult part

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Soft skills, hard rocks

Making diamonds ethical in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Lindsay A. Bell

corporate and ordinary ethics of arctic resource extraction ( Bell 2013 ), I met 12 Indigenous adults enrolled in Ready for the Job, a two-week course required for access to state- and industry-subsidized vocational training to become underground diamond

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Guarding the Body

Private Security Work in Rio de Janeiro

Erika Robb Larkins

how he had worked his way up at the metro so he could provide his family with a nice house in a far-flung suburb. He talked about his twin daughters, of aspirations of private schooling, and of being respected by peers on the job. He also told the

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Kavita Mudan Finn

’t already known. He’d graduated from Harvard Law summa cum laude and taken a job at Neville & Warwick, where, in just three years, he’d become the darling of their criminal defense group. And, considering the scum he’d defended, it was maybe not that