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L'Express et l'espace après Apollo 11

La dramaturgie du récit journalistique à l'épreuve du spatial

Jérôme Lamy

This article examines the treatment of outer space in the French weekly magazine L'Express from 1969 to 2009. After the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, space was essentially analyzed from the perspective of geopolitics: International tensions, the Cold War, and the emergence of an integrated Europe served as prisms through which the subject of outer space was explored. After the Challenger crash in 1986, thinking about space took on a more commercial orientation; business, trade, and competition became a powerful frame of reference. At the same time, ecological concerns emerged to reinforce a negative view of space exploration. Space debris and the decline of utopian expectations became recurring themes. This cultural history of disenchantment over space reflected both a scaling back of Promethean ambitions and the assimilation of space into everyday life.

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A War of Words over an Image of War

The Fox Movietone Scandal and the Portrayal of French Violence in Algeria, 1955-1956

Emma Kuby

During the Algerian War, films and published photographs documenting brutalities committed by French forces were exceedingly rare, due to censorship and strict controls on journalistic access to the military. However, a dramatic exception to this state of affairs came at an early moment in the war, after a Fox Movietone cameraman captured footage of a French gendarme as he summarily executed an Algerian with a bullet in the back. When the journal L'Express printed frames from the film in December 1955, a scandal ensued that implicated the sitting government in Paris and stoked French anti-Americanism. This article explores the reasons for the scandal, its anatomy, and its longer-term implications for French representations of the violence of the Algerian conflict. It argues that widespread French assumptions about the appropriateness of France's role in Algeria ultimately served to neutralize the story told by the images, even as they were recognized as incontrovertible evidence of atrocity.

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The Other House

The Secondary Residence in Postwar France

Sarah Farmer

world leader in per capita ownership of second homes. The weekly magazine, L’Express , described this phenomenon as the “irresistible infatuation of the French for the least Norman thatched house, Cévenol sheep barn or the most modest Provençal

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Les Enfants Perdus

Asylum Reform, Parents’ Groups, and Disability Rights in France, 1968–1975

Jonathyne Briggs

of Le Monde , Le Figaro , Combat , and L'Express , to name a few of the newspapers and magazines that covered the event, with each directing its focus on the responsibility of both the French government and society in general for the accident. On

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L’heure du laitier ou la contestation

Résistance, anticolonialisme et nouvelle gauche sur une « petite théorie » de Claude Bourdet

Fabrice Usman

l’autre grand hebdomadaire politique de gauche, « L’Express , daté du 6 novembre, … dénonce violemment les ‘menées subversives’ de la Ligue arabe, et le vieux chef du courant indépendantiste radical, Messali Hadj. Ce n’est pourtant pas lui qui est à

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François Mitterrand and the Gray Zone of Vichy

Hugh McDonnell

disingenuous; already in 1955 it had been revealed in Joseph Billig's Commissariat général aux questions juives . Then in 1978 Serge Klarsfeld had pointed to Bousquet's contribution to the roundup. In an interview with l'Express , also in 1978, the former

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Disruptive Technology

Social Media from Modiano to Zola and Proust

Elizabeth Emery

as Victor Hugo’s phrase, “Ceci tuera cela,” popularized in the 1831 Notre-Dame de Paris , has taken on new life as a slogan for social Darwinism. 43 In “Les Gazouillis de Twitter sont-ils dignes des écrivains” ( L’Express , 18 July 2012), Delphine

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Trajectoires numériques de la chronique judiciaire

DSK et le procès Carlton dans Le Monde, entre écrit et écran

Adeline Wrona

; ainsi des blogs traitant l’actualité théâtrale, tel celui qu’anime, pour Le Figaro , la journaliste spécialisée Armelle Héliot (« Le grand théâtre du monde »), ou, pour L’Express , Laurence Liban, dans une chronique intitulée « Les lendemains de la

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L'écriture et le parti

Jorge Semprún's Lasting Experience of Communism

Donald Reid

-Staline entre 1939 et 1941.” See Jorge Semprún in Eric Conan and Jean-Marie Gonin, “Comment transmettre l'inimaginable?,” L'Express , 19 January 1995, https

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Derrière le massacre d’État

Ancrages politiques, sociaux et territoriaux de la « démonstration de masse » du 17 octobre 1961 à Paris

Emmanuel Blanchard

contradiction avec les représentations habituelles d’émigrés que les stéréotypes médiatiques empathiques réduisaient au travail et à la misère 66 . Cette stupéfaction était notamment exprimée dans un article de Jean Cau, annoncé en une de l’Express le 26