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Yan Slobodkin

acknowledged that malnutrition was especially acute in Asia, Africa, and “tropical” countries generally, but they could not be considered due to lack of data. 55 After the publication of Burnet and Aykroyd’s report in 1935, the League of Nations established a

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Nationalism and Internationalism Reconciled

British Concepts for a New World Order during and after the World Wars

Antero Holmila and Pasi Ihalainen

also in plans for a league of nations drafted by British intellectuals, prewar and wartime secret policies would be replaced by openness: listening to the voice(s) of the people(s) and educating them politically would create an informed international

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Borderland of the Mind

The Free City of Danzig and the Sovereignty Question

Elizabeth M. Clark

. Meanwhile, the international community used the proper term ( Stadt , City, Miasto ), chiding nationalist Danzigers to “know their place” vis-à-vis Warsaw. Polish diplomats and League of Nations representatives vied for primacy of place with ethnic Germans

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The French Empire Goes to San Francisco

The Founding of the United Nations and the Limits of Colonial Reform

Jessica Lynne Pearson

broader global community. Postwar efforts to build a system of international oversight were not new; rather, this system would be built on ideas and structures that had been piloted in the interwar period under the League of Nations’ mandate system. The

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Educational Films: A Historical Review of Media Innovation in Schools

Eckhardt Fuchs, Anne Bruch, and Michael Annegarn-Gläß

Translator : Nicola Watson

League of Nations, became the central transnational institution charged with studying and evaluating educational films and promoting their use. Another institution that focused on this question was the European Educational Film Congress, which first

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Federica Stagni and Daryl Glaser

tried to wear Fanon's white masks, by flaunting development standards closer to European ones. However, the ‘Occident’, first embodied by the League of Nations, then by Jewish settlers, and finally by the international organisations and institutions, has

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The “Moral Effect” of Legalized Lawlessness

Violence in Britain’s Twentieth-Century Empire

Caroline Elkins

Tan traditions that suffused the Palestine Police Force after many within the Irish forces took up posts in the Mandate after 1922. From the start, Arab politicians, including president of the Palestine Arab Delegation to the League of Nations Jamal al

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Susan Cohen

Britain’s colonies, and became a champion for the human rights of girls and women in India and Kenya, as well as Palestine, then ruled under a British mandate. In the subsequent interwar years, Eleanor, who was a member of the League of Nations Union

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The German Colonies in Die Weltgeschichte als Kolonialgeschichte

The Use of Filmic Techniques in Colonial Revisionism in the 1920s

Michael Annegarn-Gläß

Translator : Katherine Ebisch-Burton

goods for the year 1924 from the League of Nations mandatory powers as the source of the figures. According to these, the colonies’ production of cocoa, fats, and oils would have met a third of German demand for these goods. As the film points out

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J. Cammaert Raval

—via exploitative recruiters to fill the sisal and tea estates. By the 1920s, as the League of Nations grew increasingly vocal and social welfare policies gained ground within the metropole, the first and foremost desire of the Colonial Office was to avoid scandal