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Wedding Ceremony, Religion, and Tradition

The Shertok Family Debate, 1922

Lilach Rosenberg-Friedman

The complex approach of the Yishuv to religion and tradition was articulated in the matter of marriage rites. On the one hand, wedding ceremonies were seen as an expression of Diaspora social values that the Yishuv wished to renounce, while, on the other hand, such occasions were viewed as having national and collective significance. The decision made by Ada Shertok and Eliyahu Golomb not to have a wedding ceremony in May 1922 aroused a fierce debate within one of the most prominent families of the Yishuv. The family dispute surrounding the issue of the marriage ceremony and the diverse opinions presented in it are the focus of the article. This debate is a starting point for a broader discussion on the question of the complex attitude of the Yishuv to religion and tradition in the early 1920s.

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The Perfect, Impossible Love

Three Egyptian Film Adaptations of Romeo and Juliet

Rafik Darragi

, and threatens to kill Karīm if she refuses. Informed of the marriage ceremony by a cousin, Karīm races to the Kassas’ house and exhibits his marriage contract with Salma. Furious, her father takes out a revolver and aims at Karīm, but Salma throws

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Farideh Pourgiv

as there is no marriage ceremony clearly shown to have been performed; however, it would have not been necessary to send Ayeh to France if marriage was not going to be finalised by Arezu and Zarju. Through her subplots, Pirzad gives us a picture of

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Anthropology at the dawn of apartheid

Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowski’s South African engagements, 1919–1934

Isak Niehaus

among the Naman of South-West Africa . South African Journal of Science 20 : 5 – 72 . Hoernlé , A. Winifred . 1925a . The importance of the sib in the marriage ceremonies of the South-Eastern Bantus . South African Journal of Science 22 : 481

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Fates Worse Than Death

Destruction and Social Attachment in Timor-Leste

Gabriel Tusinski

: Hierarchy, Gender, and Alliance in the Tanimbar Islands . Madison : University of Wisconsin Press . McLennan , John F. [ 1865 ] 1970 . Primitive Marriage: An Inquiry into the Form of Capture in Marriage Ceremonies . Chicago : University of Chicago

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‘Shakespeare Had the Passion of an Arab’

The Appropriation of Shakespeare in Fadia Faqir’s Willow Trees Don’t Weep

Hussein A. Alhawamdeh

Haines and T.G.A. Nelson, ‘Othello’s Unconsummated Marriage’, Essays in Criticism XXXIII, no. 1 (1983), 11. 34 Lynda E. Broose, in ‘The Father and Bride in Shakespeare’, PMLA 97, no. 3 (1982), 325-347, contextualizes the function of marriage

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Battle of Cosmologies

The Catholic Church, Adat, and ‘Inculturation’ among Northern Lio, Indonesia

Signe Howell

-leaders’ tasks during ritual occasions. 7 Those practices that were forbidden early on included so-called cousin marriages, arranged marriages, bride wealth ( belis ), and polygamy. It was thought important to perform marriage ceremonies in the church. In fact

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Marrying into the Nation

Immigrant Bachelors, French Bureaucrats, and the Conjugal Politics of Naturalization in the Third Republic

Nimisha Barton

Paris town hall on 10 November 1925. The French marriage ceremony took place just one week before they submitted their naturalization request, indicating that they formalized their unions in preparation for naturalization, perhaps even at the behest of