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Iddo Landau

This paper critically examines Sartre's argument for the meaninglessness of life from our foundationless freedom. According to Sartre, our freedom to choose our values is completely undetermined. Hence, we cannot rely on anything when choosing and cannot justify our choices. Thus, our freedom is the foundation of our world without itself having any foundation, and this renders our lives absurd. Sartre's argument presupposes, then, that although we can freely choose all our values we have a meta-value that we cannot choose: that values are acceptable only if they are justified by some independent factor rather than by one's free choice. I argue that we need not accept this presupposition: subjectivists may well choose to be 'proud subjectivists' who are pleased with, rather than ashamed by, their subjectivism. Indeed, many subjectivists, including those considering the meaning of life - for example, Harry Frankfurt and Brooke Alan Trisel - adopt this position.

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Yassaba’ or the Fear of Being Abandoned

Health Promotion Messages and Local Meanings in Guinea

Maria Cristina Manca


Health promotion is dependent upon sharing information with local populations and adapting health-care services to make them more acceptable, and is an essential part of any Ebola intervention. Listening to the concerns of local communities and engaging them as active participants ensures that health promotion messages are relevant, acceptable and understandable as well as culturally appropriate. Ebola is associated with fear and death, thus understanding the significance and meanings of life, death, disease and sickness for the Kissi of Guinea Forestière (Guinea) is essential for ensuring acceptable health services. Community engagement was essential for this research to gain the trust of the Kissi and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and information to reduce the transmission of the Ebola virus. This technical account is based on three periods of ethnographic fieldwork and health promotion activities conducted in Guinea between May 2014 and February 2015.

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Ekaterina Chekhorduna, Nina Filippova, and Diana Efimova

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

understanding and appreciating the strength of natural phenomena; the protection of nature, one’s native land, nature reserves, the planet Earth, and ecological consciousness. Family reflects the happiness and meaning of life of the people of the tribe of Ajyy

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John H. Gillespie

Meaning of Life (London: Routledge, 2003). 5 See, for example, studies such as those by Peter Berger, for instance: Peter L. Berger, The Sacred Canopy (New York: Random House, [1967] 1990); Peter L. Berger, A Rumour of Angels (Harmondsworth: Penguin

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Ananta Kumar Giri

participating cocreators of creative capacity and meaning of life. Poetics of development thus transforms the so-called conditions of emergency in conditions of disease and poverty into one of emergence—a creative emergence. Here we can relate it to the creative

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Matthew Eshleman

our lives possible. 5 Owen Flanagan and David Barack, eds., EURAMERICA , Vol. 40, (September 2010), 573–590. 6 See his “Evolutionary Existentialism, Sociobiology, and the Meaning of Life” in BioScience , 2000, 50:11, 1012–1017. 7 Amazingly, Irwin

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Pascah Mungwini

human beings, including the environment, and different historical experiences, including different conceptions on the meaning of life and existence. Santos bemoans the fact that ‘this immensity of alternatives of life, conviviality and interaction with

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Johannes Riis

the object of her anguish is not the character in front of her but the meaning of life, Thulin glances downward when delivering certain lines. Compared to the frontal, two-shot close-up used for Carlqvist’s soliloquylike lines in Smiles of a Summer

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Crisis and retirement

Alienation in Kerala's tea belt

Jayaseelan Raj

the end, and not just for them but also for their families: something would be left for their children that would memorialize their existence and redeem it. The deferred gratuity shattered their hope and meaning of life. It is through the imagination

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Carl Plantinga

existence is hard and unforgiving, but it is the only way to maintain life. This struggle eliminates everything that is unfit for life, and selects everything that is able to survive. … The meaning of life is struggle. Woe to him who sins against these laws