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Between Trauma and Healing

Tourism and Neoliberal Peace-Building in Divided Societies

John Nagle

Deeply divided societies that have undergone extreme civil violence are often framed as "collectively traumatized" or in a state of "melancholia." Such aetiologies support peace-building initiatives, which seek either to normalize society by forgetting the legacy of violence and starting anew or by engendering societal remembering to work through trauma and bring about societal healing and eventual "closure." Examining the case of Northern Ireland, this article considers how these discrepant processes regarding collective trauma have become bound with fierce ethnopolitical debates and counter-insurgency methods regarding how to promote the region to tourists. I argue that both approaches represent nostrums, which do little to support peace-building and are ultimately complementary with neoliberal designs concerning the relationship among tourism, economic prosperity and conflict-regulation. Discourses concerning "collective trauma" must therefore be viewed as political strategies to shape the nation, which are finally embodied in the tourist journey to "traumatized sites."

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Hélène Périvier and Rebecca Rogers

This article considers how women adopted a “scientific” statistical language at the end of the nineteenth century to draw attention to their role in the moral and social economy. It explores in particular the messages contained in La Statistique générale de la femme française, a series of eighteen murals that the moderate feminist Marie Pégard sent for exhibition at the Woman’s Building at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. The article begins by considering the place statistics held in France in the final decades of the century within the context of universal exhibitions. It then examines Pégard’s choice of quantified categories of social analysis to convey a sustained argument about the comparative weight of women in a modernizing French economy. The article seeks to understand how contemporaries read and interpreted the graphs, and how this mode of rendering visible the issue of women’s work played into the politics of an emerging feminist movement.

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Rebecca M. Schreiber

). Duarte and members of the Arte Urgente workshop also created a symbolic Embassy of the Refugee (2018) by painting murals around empty lots to mark a safe place for migrants and refugees in a section of Oakland undergoing gentrification. As I argue

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Barbara Roche Rico

In October 2015, the artists El Mac and Cero unveiled a mural of Nicholasa Mohr as a part of the International Monument Art Project on Lexington Avenue and 111th Street in East Harlem, New York. The mural, which covers the full side of a building

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Maria Hupfield

. Figure 1 Waaschign . Digital photo mural. 12 feet long, digital banner, 2017. Photograph by Jason Lujan. Waaschign is a word used for window from the Anishinaabe Nation language, my mother’s indigenous tongue. In this image, I copy, flip, slide, and

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Activist Anthropology with the Haudenosaunee

Theoretical and Practical Insights from the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign

Brooke Hansen and Jack Rossen

Campaign to the Ithaca Common Council, which was unanimously passed and signed by Mayor Svante Myrick, a staunch supporter of local Native causes. Our committee also co-sponsored a mural contest juried by Cayuga Nation members at the annual Cayuga Nation

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Steven J. Hoffman, Fanny Wonu Veys, Joseph P Feldman, Natasha Barrett, Elsa Lenz Kothe, Antonino Crisà, Sayantan Mukhopadhyay, Masaaki Morishita, and Ewa Klekot

in difficult circumstances as completely as the reproduction of the Changi murals on the walls of zone 3. Painted by a British POW in a chapel in one of the barracks of the detention camp, the murals depict several New Testament biblical scenes and

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Sheila K. Hoffman, Conal McCarthy, and Billie Lythberg

Commissioner Tiffany Babington. Installed in the Me‘a ‘Ofa Gallery at the Tanoa, it was a concrete example of the commitment this hotel is making to the Tongan arts, which is further evidenced by large-scale murals and sculptures situated throughout the site

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Wind of Change

Separating Heads and Bodies in Eastern Europe

Tanel Rander

asked in an interview in 2012. I wanted to spray paint that sentence on the East Side Gallery wall, located at Mühlenstrasse in Berlin and famous for old murals that have become classics. There are, for instance, the painting by Dmitry Vrubel entitled

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Don Nonini

, transport or health care; around public spaces of interaction and encounter, such as streets and parks; and around public artistic expression that engages the creativity of city residents, such as murals and street performances. While a significant advance