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Love Jurisdiction

Perveez Mody

This article examines claims about the substantive importance of black letter law for those having marriages of choice in India and offers a critique of the ways in which legal procedure is manipulated. The law is 'bent' not only by the courts and the police to undermine the intentions of legislators and to uphold conservative communal values but also by ordinary people who seek to promote their own agendas and to make moral and instrumental claims. These can make significant space for individual desires and self-choice in the realm of intimate relationships. 'Love jurisdiction' is used to explore this process of 'intermanglement' through which love, romantic relationships and moral rights in relationships get entangled (and sometimes mangled) through legal statute, procedures and everyday practices.

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The "Girls" in Girls' Studies

Lyn Mikel Brown

Lyn Mikel Brown gives an autobiographical account of her shift in focus from studying girls and theorizing girls and girlhood to working as an activist and advocate for and with girls. Specifically she describes the Maine-based nonprofit organization called Hardy Girls Healthy Women ( that she founded in 2000. She situates her current praxis historically in the light of her groundbreaking work with Carol Gilligan at the Harvard Project on Women's Psychology and Girls' Development in the 1980s and early 1990s. This work did indeed put the "girls" into Girls' Studies.

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Dialogical Relationships and the Bear in Indigenous Poetry

Stephan Dudeck


The essay provides a review of a small but remarkable book on the work of two important Native American and Siberian poets, Meditations after the Bear Feast by Navarre Scott Momaday and Yuri Vella, published in 2016 by Shanti Arts in Brunswick, Maine. Their poetic dialogue revolves around the well-known role of the bear as a sociocultural keystone species in the boreal forest zone of Eurasia and North America. The essay analyzes the understanding of dialogicity as shaping the intersubjectivity of the poets emerging from human relationships with the environment. It tries to unpack the complex and prophetic bear dream in one of Vella’s poems in which he links indigenous ontologies with urgent sociopolitical problems.

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The Scandal and Betrayal at Stade Colombes

The September 1939 Internment of German-Speaking Men in France

Deborah L. Browning

their money and valuables at the point of entry into the stadium. This thieving was referred to as the “Scandale de Colombes” by Lieutenant Albert Dubuc, who had been stationed at the internment camp in the town of Meslay-du-Maine, in Mayenne, to which

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Who to Call after the Storm?

The Challenge of Flooding due to Climate Change for Fruit and Vegetable Growers in the Northeast United States

Sara Delaney

F&V products and wine, and the NE ranks high nationally for several F&V crops including apples, sweet corn, and snap beans (USDA 2017, 2019). Individual states produce high-value crops such as low-bush blueberries in Maine and peaches in Pennsylvania

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Biometrics, Dualities, and Fluid Identities

Decentralized Response to the Modern Normalization of Biopower

Melody Ling

On 16–17 June 2021, the state of Maine officially passed a statewide legislation banning the use of facial recognition technology by government officials and employees. Known as “An Act to Increase Privacy and Security by Regulating the Use of

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The Schoolboy Sports Story

A Phenomenon and a Period Distinctive in the Cultural History of America

R.W. (Bob) Reising

” between the two simply to provide “euphony” (35). Thus was born the name that catapulted the Maine native to fame and success and that was to be linked, forever, with a fictional character whose exploits, off as well as on athletic fields, were to

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Not Lost but Found

Rebuilding Relations and Reclaiming Indigenous Food Systems

Keitlyn Alcantara

ecosystem necessary to sustain it. This story repeats with edible birds’ nests in China, lobster in Maine, and green turtles in the Caribbean, to name just a few more examples. As she reflects: “A species cannot exist in isolation—boundaries between one and

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Deconstructing Sartre

Alfred Betschart

Sartre spoke about, Brunschvicg appears most often with seventeen mentions, followed by Alain with fifteen, Descartes with ten, Bergson with nine, Paul Valéry with six, Maurice Blondel and Octave Hamelin with five each, and Émile Boutroux, Pierre Maine de

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Pious Women in a “Den of Scorpions”

The Piety and Patronage of the Eleventh-Century Countesses of Brittany

Amy Livingstone

that of her mother-in-law, however. Between Alan’s death in 1040 and her remarriage to the Count of Maine between 1045 and 1047, Bertha divided her time between Brittany and her homeland of Blois-Chartres. 33 During this period, she appeared with her