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The Exceptions to the Rule

Jews in Shakespeare’s England

Cynthia Seton-Rogers

without Jews when he wrote The Merchant of Venice and created arguably the most famous Jew in literary history. There is evidence that at least a handful of Jews came to England immediately after the expulsions from Spain and Portugal. Some Marrano

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From Forced Conversion to Marranism

Crypto-Jews in Morocco and Their Fate

Paul B. Fenton

This article traces the history of the forced conversion of Jews to Islam in al-Andalus and Morocco from the Middle Ages to modern times. An account is given of the various discriminative measures and even persecution to which Jewish converts were exposed. Indeed, even though they became with time sincere and learned Muslims, just as the Marranos in Christian Spain, the sincerity of their conversion was doubted and they were constantly accused of the negative traits attributed to the Jews. The article also discusses a recently discovered defence of the New Muslims authored by an Islamic scholar of Jewish origin which throws new light on the fate of these converts.

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Rethinking the Margins with André Schwarz-Bart

From The Last of the Just and A Woman Named Solitude to the Posthumous Narratives

Kathleen Gyssels

historical truth and importance of the phenomenon of conversion. By ‘marranism’ (from the Spanish ‘marrano’ or converted Jew under the Inquisition), the narrator understands the conversion to Gentile in order to survive the terrible threat to Jews in ‘the old

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Elizabethan Orientalia

‘Jews’in Late Tudor England and the Ottoman Jews

Josè Alberto Rodrigues da Silva Tavim

In his 1996 book Shakespeare and the Jews , James Shapiro provides a complete portrait of the Marrano circle living in London in the time of Queen Elizabeth I, whose most prominent figure was the tragic physician Dr Rodrigo Lopez. Shapiro notes

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Patricia Ravelo Blancas and May-ek Querales Mendoza

impunidad a partir del dolor.” Otro joven, habló por primera vez sobre el coraje y el dolor por el caso de su padre decapitado, cuyo cuerpo fue encontrado con una cabeza de marrano sobrepuesta. Mujeres de Atenco, del Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas, del