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Transit Migration in Niger

Stemming the Flows of Migrants, but at What Cost?

Sébastien Moretti

significant transit country between West and North Africa, Niger has attracted the attention of the EU as a “laboratory” ( Maurice 2016 ) for the implementation of its efforts aimed at curbing the movement of migrants and refugees toward Europe and increasing

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Blood oil

The anatomy of a petro-insurgency in the Niger delta

Michael Watts

This article traces the emergence of an “oil insurgency” in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. A key concept deployed in the analysis is the oil complex, understood as a sort of corporate enclave economy and also a center of political and economic calculation expressed through the operations of a set of local, national, and transnational forces that can only be dubbed as imperial oil. The operations of the oil complex under conditions of U.S. military neoliberalism create the violent and unstable spaces that David Harvey identifies as “accumulation by dispossession”. The insurgency is understood in terms of a deep history of political and economic marginalization and deepening political mobilization and militancy within the Niger Delta. What the oil complex has thereby produced is a fragmented polity with parcellized sovereignty rather than a robust, modern oil nation.

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Crafting Spaces of Value

Infrastructure, Technologies of Extraction and Contested Oil in Nigeria

Omolade Adunbi

In 2011, Nigeria announced an amnesty programme targeted at Niger Delta insurgents who, for many years, had crippled the oil industry. The programme was designed to end in 2012, but it has since become a permanent feature of the Nigerian state

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In Memoriam

Pierre Bonte (1942–2013)

Jean-Pierre Digard

Membre du bureau éditorial d’Anthropology of the Middle East, Pierre Bonte s’est éteint le 4 novembre 2013 à l’âge de soixante-et-onze ans. Né le 25 août 1942 dans le nord de la France, au sein d’une famille de mineurs et d’instituteurs laïcs – il eut un grand-père, mineur, qui fut député communiste–, Pierre Bonte obtint son baccalauréat à Lille en 1960, puis une licence de sociologie et plusieurs certificats de psychologie à Paris en 1964. Intéressé par l’ethnologie, Pierre Bonte commença par étudier les Touaregs Kel Gress du Niger auxquels il consacra sa thèse de doctorat en ethnologie préparée sous la direction d’André Leroi-Gourhan puis de Robert Cresswell et soutenue à l’Université Paris V-Sorbonne en 1970.

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Regional integration from “below” in West Africa

A study of transboundary town-twinning of Idiroko (Nigeria) and Igolo (Benin)

Olukayode A. Faleye

politicians far behind” ( Cassanelli, 2010 , pp. 147–148). In West Africa, informal trans-border relations between the Hausa settlements straddling the border between Niger and Nigeria showcase the vital place of social network in regional integration. For

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Reconceptualizing Transit States in an Era of Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Obfuscation

Antje Missbach and Melissa Phillips

between transit countries and other states. Among the transit states chosen as case studies—Ecuador, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, and Niger—only Libya “borders” the European Union (EU). These case studies have been chosen to develop a comparative

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Bernard Faye

labours ou la traction attelée est courante ( Vias et al. 2002 ). On le voit ainsi tirer l’araire en Inde et au Pakistan, en Ethiopie, au Soudan, en Egypte, contribuer à l’exhaure de l’eau dans les oasis sahariennes, les jardins de l’Aïr (Niger) et sur les

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Yan Slobodkin

In 1913, famine struck the Sahel from Senegal to Sudan and killed as many as half a million people. French observers barely noted the event. In 1931, a far smaller famine in western Niger caused between 15,000 and 30,000 deaths. This time, the

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Le Rallye Méditerranée-le Cap

Racing towards Eurafrica?

Megan Brown

-Cyr. In Zinder (present-day Niger) in 1899, he received a bullet to the leg and watched his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-François Klobb, get killed under the express command of Captain Paul Voulet. Voulet, a French officer gone rogue

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Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Mette Louise Berg, and Johanna Waters

as Ecuador (Soledad Álvarez Velasco), Mexico (Wendy Vogt), Malaysia and Indonesia (Antje Missbach and Gerhard Hoffstaedter), and diverse local actors in Libya (Melissa Phillips) and Niger (Sébastien Moretti). Through three research articles and two