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Learning for citizenship online

How can students develop intercultural awareness and construct knowledge together?

Hugh Starkey and Nicola Savvides

This article evaluates ways in which students on an online Master's programme are learning about citizenship and developing intercultural awareness in spite of the lack of face-to-face interaction. There is still debate about the effectiveness of online courses and whether they provide an adequate substitute for, or even an improvement on, classroom-based learning. We employ qualitative research methods and deploy instruments for analysing constructivist learning to evaluate the extent to which students are constructing knowledge through online discussions as well as learning from research-led teaching materials. We also analyse online discussions for evidence of social presence, including the interventions of the course tutor. We conclude that students do feel themselves to be members of an international learning community and that their interactions can promote higher-order learning. We draw attention to some advantages of online courses such as the possibility of crafting a contribution and the availability of discussions as a resource.

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A Hybrid Form of a Populist Right Movement

Ina Schmidt

period. Among these were the online discussions that were posted at the very beginning on Pegida’s official Facebook page and interviews conducted with participants at one of the first demonstrations. For an overview of the results, please see Figures 1

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Engaging Anthropology in an Ebola Outbreak

Case Studies from West Africa

Emilie Venables and Umberto Pellecchia

francophone SHS Ebola Network. 2 Such forums hosted spaces for online discussions and debate, created contact networks, and enabled access to reports and articles as they were published (as many immediate findings were not yet published in academic journals

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Margrethe Bruun Vaage and Gabriella Blasi

. In between episodes, one may engage in online discussion of the TV series and other forms of engagement that complicate the text as linear storytelling, he argues. Mittell therefore complements the poetic approach with a strong focus on reception

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Visibility and Screen Politics after the Transgender Tipping Point

Wibke Straube

Michael Smith, received mainly positive attention, what has been interesting in the online discussions following the reboot is the critique aimed at the lack of transfeminine characters in the series. However, transfeminine actors were included in the

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Shih-Hsiung Liu

.1111/bjet.12178 Ding , L. , E. Er and M. Orey ( 2018 ), ‘ An exploratory study of student engagement in gamified online discussions ’, Computers & Education 120 : 213 – 226 . . 10.1016/j

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The Girlhood Project

Pivoting our Model with Girls During COVID-19

Cheryl Weiner, Kathryn Van Demark, Sarah Doyle, Jocelyn Martinez, Fia Walklet, and Amy Rutstein-Riley

scheduled class time, students discussed their weekly readings through an online discussion board. Transforming TGP Online: Pedagogical Considerations COVID-19 affected our lives as individuals, academics, and community members. Here, TGP students

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Online Documents of India’s Past

Digital Archives and Memory Production

Katja Müller

and Ben-Ari 2007 ). Discussing the partition publicly remains a complicated and sensitive undertaking, and the partition continues to be a contentious issue. However, disputes and political arguments make up a very small part of the online discussions

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Invisible Veterans

Defeated Militants and Enduring Revolutionary Social Values in Dhufar, Oman

Alice Wilson

memoirs (e.g., Al-Zubaidi 2014 ) published outside Oman, as well as online discussion (e.g., Al-Shahri 2012 ). But in dominant public discourses in Oman, Front veterans are invisible in that a hostile state allows them no official public recognition or

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Lines in the Sacred Landscape

The Entanglement of Roads, Resources, and Informal Practices in Buriatiia

Anna Varfolomeeva

also influenced the establishment of new cooperation lines such as informal jade mining groups or online discussions of local transportation. By bringing new mining companies to the district, the improved infrastructure simultaneously produced informal