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Liesa Rühlmann and Sarah McMonagle

term Migrationshintergrund (‘migration background’) in Germany and its homogenising and ‘Othering’ ( Said 1979 ) effects. Many who grow up in Germany with more than one language are challenged because of their ascribed Otherness in two ways: first

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Other Sides

Loving and Grieving with Heart of a Dog and Merleau-Ponty's Depth

Saige Walton

transitions. Thinking about the passing of my own furry sidekick and of others filled me with feelings of sadness and loss. 1 And yet, despite its elegiac subject matter, the film still managed to convey an overall sense of lightness, lyricism, and fluidity

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Austerity against the Homo Sovieticus

Political control, class imaginings, and ethnic categorization in the Vilnius riots of 2009

Daiva Repečkait

This article analyzes the public discourse on the riots of 16 January 2009, in Vilnius, when protest against economic shock therapy ended in violent clashes with the police. Politicians and the media were quick to ethnicize the riots, claiming an “involvement of foreign influences” and noting that the rioters had been predominantly “Russian-speaking.” Analyzing electronic and print media, the article identifies a wider tendency, particularly among middle-class Lithuanian youth, of portraying the social class consisting of “losers of the post-soviet transition” as aggressive and primitive Others. A pseudo-ethnicity that combines Rus sian language and culture with lower-class background into a notion of homo sovieticus comes to stand for what is hindering the “clean up” of Lithuania and middleclass aspirations to form a new European identity. As such, the riots serve as a lens that illuminates the way ethnicity is flexibly utilized to shift political loyalties.

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Restoring Viable Relations in Emigrant Gambia

Paolo Gaibazzi

am focusing on a deeper sense of participation in each other's existence, or “mutuality of being” ( Sahlins 2011 ). From a Gambian Soninke perspective, mobility occurs in a space that is at once geographical and existential. It is a way of being-with-others

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Places of Otherness

Comparing Eastleigh, Nairobi, and Xiaobei, Guangzhou, as Sites of South-South Migration

Neil Carrier and Gordon Mathews

understanding what connects them to so many other hubs across the world. Indeed, Mathews's research on Guangzhou led him directly to Eastleigh. People, capital, and goods constantly circulate through these sites, very often the same people, capital, and goods

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Is Germany Part of the West?

A Reconstruction of Russian Narratives

Maren Rohe

to designate it as Western. This is significant because while Europe is a liminal Other to Russia, the West is a more antagonistic Other, from which Russia tends to distance itself. After the end of the Cold War, Germany was widely seen as a special

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Dirty Work, Dangerous Others

The Politics of Outsourced Immigration Enforcement in Mexico

Wendy Vogt

that criminalize and endanger Mexican migrants crossing the US-Mexico border, and institutionalize everyday forms of racism and discrimination toward Mexican immigrants in the US. On the other hand, Mexico has historically served as a strategic partner

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Simone Toji

mechanisms that interweaves this variety of nationalities is the area's garment business, which developed upon the arrival of the first migrants. “The Other Side” expresses this context through the flawed memory of an elderly character who was born in Poland

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The Uncanniness of Missionary Others

A Discursive Analysis of a Century of Anthropological Writings on Missionary Ethnographers

Travis Warren Cooper

-biological formations for the sake of recording, describing, and analyzing particular ways of life. Missionaries and anthropologists, in other words, are agents of travel par excellence. Both occupations involve specialists instructed in an operative field of action (i

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The Limits of Knowing Other Minds

Intellectual Disability and the Challenge of Opacity

Patrick McKearney

Some loves are exclusive and demand a blindness in other quarters. — Martha Nussbaum, Love's Knowledge What role does knowledge about what is going on in other people's minds play in knowing and relating to them? When new carers arrive to