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Neither Angels nor Wolves

Evolving Principles of Social Responsibility in Israeli Private Law

Eli Bukspan

This article describes an emerging trend in Israeli private law that strives to incorporate a culture of social responsibility into everyday life. Implemented through the legal principles of 'good faith' and 'public policy' in contracts, this applies mainly to the social responsibility of corporations. The adoption of such concepts in interpersonal relationships emphasizes that this approach aims to include all components of the legal system. The basic Israeli social and constitutional principles are analyzed, along with the role that individuals and business participants, not only government authorities, play in the structuring of a freedom-seeking society. The article concludes that this new trend also corresponds to the social discontent that was evident in Israel during the summer of 2011, as well as to a new way of thinking about the concept of capitalism in the business literature.

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A Woman of Valor Goes to Court

Tort Law as an Instrument of Social Change under Multiculturalism

Ella Glass and Yifat Bitton

risks antagonizing conservative and religious worldviews. Between Two Arenas: The Different Routes The essential differences between entertaining an anti-discrimination lawsuit using public law and managing the same lawsuit using private law can be

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Book Reviews

Hegelianisms without Metaphysics?

David James, Bahareh Ebne Alian, and Jean Terrier

broader sense. In the latter case, it is said to be synonymous with objective spirit understood as the totality of institutional norms, whereas in the former case it is identified with the rational foundations of private (or civil) law. Given how private

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Herr or Hüter of the Constitution?

The First Fifty Years in the History of the German Federal Constitutional Court

Manfred H. Wiegandt

won its case, but at the price of the Supreme Court assuming the right to judicial review of legislative acts. The following Lüth case, in which the Court ex -tended the purview of constitutional law to private law cases, is for Collings Germany

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Injury and Measurement

Jacob Grimm on Blood Money and Concrete Quantification

Anna Echterhölter

quantification that is neither balanced nor able to build fair equivalents emerges. Grimm (1815b: 170) argues that private law or measurement in economic or fiscal situations is frequently part of asymmetric relations: “The new law wants to be exhaustive and