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Italy’s Foreign Policy Game: Moving without the Ball

Vittorio Emanuele Parsi

In 2015, Italy’s foreign policy was focused on issues that were linked to the attempt to boost Italy’s international reputation: the Libyan question, the migration crisis, and Italy’s role in the European Union. As for the first two issues, the Renzi government has sought to “Europeanize” them, with the aim of not being “left alone” in dealing with their consequences. The third issue concerns Renzi’s effort to gain fiscal flexibility and “change the course” of the European Union. However, in Europe the prime minister has found himself isolated and has struggled to lead coalitions on issues that are very relevant for the national interest. The assessment of the Renzi government’s action in foreign policy in 2015, ultimately, can be read in two ways: if it is evaluated against announcements, expectations, and demands of the prime minister, the result is disappointing; if it is measured in a more realistic fashion, the appraisal can be less harsh.

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Love Jurisdiction

Perveez Mody

This article examines claims about the substantive importance of black letter law for those having marriages of choice in India and offers a critique of the ways in which legal procedure is manipulated. The law is 'bent' not only by the courts and the police to undermine the intentions of legislators and to uphold conservative communal values but also by ordinary people who seek to promote their own agendas and to make moral and instrumental claims. These can make significant space for individual desires and self-choice in the realm of intimate relationships. 'Love jurisdiction' is used to explore this process of 'intermanglement' through which love, romantic relationships and moral rights in relationships get entangled (and sometimes mangled) through legal statute, procedures and everyday practices.

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Leading through a Decade of Crisis—Not Bad, After All

Germany’s Leadership Demand and Followership Inclusion, 2008-2018

Valerio Alfonso Bruno and Giacomo Finzi

their support during his doctoral research activity. In particular, Professor Vittorio E. Parsi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano and Director of aseri “Alta Scuola di Economia e Relazioni Internazionali,” based in Milan) and Professor

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Of Marriage, Divorce and Criminalisation

Reflections on the Triple Talaq Judgement in India

Anindita Chakrabarti, K. C. Mujeebu Rahman, and Suchandra Ghosh

scriptures was formed. Other minority groups, including Christians, Parsis and Jews, also came to be regulated by their own set of personal laws. 3 However, the entrenched personal law regime co-exists with the Indian Constitution's desire for the state to

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Book Reviews

Ben Page, Olga R. Gulina, Doğuş Şimşek, Caress Schenk, and Vidya Venkat

contains several short histories of Indian communities that have been migrating for business or labor for several centuries now, such as Khatri Punjabis, Chettiars, and Parsis. These are more in the nature of concise outlines than detailed histories, which

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Aane Wala Hai

Waiting for the Arrival of the State

Syantani Chatterjee

governed by a system of personal laws, such as the Hindu Personal Law, the Muslim Personal Law, the Christian Personal Law and the Parsi Personal Law. A potential UCC has long been at the centre of divisive debates, especially amongst feminists and women

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Changing Landscapes of Love and Passion in the Urdu Novel

Christina Oesterheld

civil marriage.” 44 The marriage candidates would have to declare “I do not profess the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muhammadan, Parsi, Buddhist, Sikh or Jaina religion” 45 as a precondition for a registration of the marriage, which must have raised

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Conceptual History and South Asian History

State of the Art

Max Stille

)colonial times, in love letters, Parsi theater, and Bengali and Indian English literature. The volume's main theoretical and methodological provocation is to show how each of these registers has been shaped by aesthetic works and reflections. Shifting

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Too Little, Too Late?

The Challenges of Providing Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare to Men on College Campuses

Lilian Milanés and Joanna Mishtal

– 66 . doi:10.1136/sti.2003.008920 . Luhrmann , T. ( 1996 ), The Good Parsi: The Fate of a Colonial Elite in a Postcolonial Society ( Cambridge : Harvard University Press ). Lupton , D. ( 1995 ), The Imperative of Health: Public Health and

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French Perceptions of Macau as Place and Space in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Jingzhen Xie

Persians in Macau “adorateurs du feu” and considered them to be peers of the Europeans. As a matter of fact, the Persians left historical traces in Macau where the oldest Parsi burial cemetery, namely Cemitério dos Parses, in the Far East was established in