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Intersectionality and the Substantive Representation of Migrant Interests in Germany

Barbara Donovan

The paper uses the concept of intersectionality to examine the experiences of politicians with migrant backgrounds in Germany. The last decade has seen a significant increase in the number of persons with migrant backgrounds integrating into political parties and winning elections to both federal and regional legislatures. Do the migrant experiences of these persons shape their politics? Theories of substantive representation have suggested that gender shapes representation. What about the racial and ethnic identities that often coexist with immigrant status? Moreover, how do those identities and experiences interact with the prerogatives of party, partisanship, and regional representation? This study uses data gathered from both the federal and regional level to explore and explain the role of migrant-related concerns in the political behavior and articulated preferences of politicians with migrant background in Germany. It further explores how these relate to gender, careers, representational roles, and partisan identification. The article concludes that a consideration of the interaction of migrant identity with other factors allows us to see multiple dimensions of representation in Germany today.

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Representation and Ontological Self-Knowledge in Sartre's Drama

Jeremy Ekberg

Because Sartre's theatre is one of representation and authenticity, plays like The Victors offer Sartrean philosophical explorations of subjects pushed to the limits of existence by torture and oppressive social edicts. It is in extreme situations that a subject most clearly exercises or fails to exercise his freedom and therefore his authenticity. But Sartre's interest in a complete explication of this process wanes before he fully outlines his project of self formation, which leaves the present paper to prove: (1) the unattainability of any final or permanent authenticity, since each subject represents itself alternately in authentic and inauthentic ways and because the representations of a single subject are constantly in flux; (2) the primacy of representation as the force by which the self is formed and authenticity achieved or avoided; and (3) the criteria for the assessment of authenticity levels and how these processes come to light in plays like The Victors.

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Beyond Representation

Technofeminisms and the Promise of Computing for Girls

Amélie Lemieux

Book Review Kristine Blair. 2019. Technofeminist Storiographies: Women, Information Technology, and Cultural Representation. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. Attuning to technofeminism requires more than an understanding of the historical

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Representation and Self-representation

Archaeology and Ethnology Museums and Indigenous Peoples in Brazil

Marília Xavier Cury and Rebeca Ribeiro Bombonato

Indigenous logics in the museum space, at other times sharing perspectives with mainstream representation. Collaboration is a positive response from the museum to joint work with Indigenous groups. Collaboration, whose application takes place in different

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Redefining Representation

Black Trans and Queer Women’s Digital Media Production

Moya Bailey

the power of queer of color cultural production in shifting our attention away from mainstream representation to the representations people create for themselves. This project builds on these conversations by addressing not so much the content as the

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Democratic Representation and Legislative Theatre

Gustavo H. Dalaqua

You sit here more like spectators … than men taking decisions for their city Thucydides , History of the Peloponnesian War, III, 38, 7 Introduction The expectation to find an anchor for democratic representation has animated the

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Rethinking Political Representation from the Perspective of Rhetorical Genres

Kari Palonen

Speaking of a ‘crisis of representation’ is commonplace today in both public and academic discourse. There are good grounds to view this claim with suspicion. Nonetheless, it is worth reconsidering the concept of representation itself. Frank

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Representation of Innovation in Seventeenth-Century England

A View from Natural Philosophy

Benoît Godin

, and the contexts that explain these uses. This article extends and refines the analysis made of an eminent example of the early modern representation of innovation: Francis Bacon (1561–1626). To Bacon, innovation is pejorative, as it is to most people

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LGBT Refugees and the Visual Representation of Transnational Mobility

Ernst van der Wal

project, The Story That Travelled , 2 specifically responded to the German context where issues surrounding the representation and integration of refugees have been an issue of great concern over the last few years. One of the most significant factors

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Visualizing Vigilance in the Generalized Representation of the Nomad

Reflections on the Banjara Community in Rajasthan, India

Urmi Bhattacharyya

stereotypical representation. These dominant practices of visualization, through the classification of bodies and identities within territorialized spaces, thus ensure the validation and effectiveness of moral authority. The act of seeing, in this sense