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Michael Hughes

Queux and the Rasputin myth Le Queux claimed in Things I Know that he once saw Rasputin during one of his non-existent trips to Russia. He described how, when disembarking from a tramp steamer at the northern port of Alexandrovsk, he saw a ‘scraggy

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‘William Le Queux, Master of Misinformation’

Ailise Bulfin and Harry Wood

's largely overlooked engagement with Russia. It analyses Le Queux's representation of both the Tsarist Empire and the forces that opposed it, spanning Le Queux's early Russian nihilist romances to his later ‘factual’ histories of Rasputin, Rasputin the

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Uliana Vinokurova

Translator : Tatiana Argounova-Low

Russian sociologist, described characteristics of the Siberian mentality as the fusion of cultural traditions, religious beliefs, experiences, and skill sets of different ethnic groups (2006: 41). The Russian writer, Vladimir Rasputin (2008), himself a

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The Mysterious Mr Le Queux

War Novelist, Defence Publicist and Counterspy

Roger T. Stearn

's Sons (1918) alleged they were blackmailers and murderers, and that ‘the Hohenzollerns regard women as mere toys – to be used and then to be cast off forever’. Le Queux also wrote topical fiction, presented as if fact, about Russia. Rasputin the

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Brian Yothers, Gillian Dooley, Guy Galazka, Peter Weisensel, Jackie Coon, Magdalena Banaszkiewicz, and David Cashman

an autobiography, Part of the Wonderful Scene (1964), which, Hughes says, concealed as much as it revealed. Graham’s last work (1970) was an article on Rasputin and the supernatural in the magazine Men, Myth and Magic . With his identity so