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Akkadia Ford

portrayal of Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club , he spoke in heartfelt, gentle tones: incredible … so proud to share this journey with you…to all the dreamers out there … in places like the Ukraine and Venezuela … we are here and as you struggle … we are

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Flemish Comics versus Communist Atheism

Renaat Demoen’s Au pays de la grande angoisse (1950–1951)

Philippe Delisle

or Tintin denounced, explicitly or implicitly, the Iron Curtain that had come down around the Eastern bloc. In Le Rayon super-gamma [The super-gamma ray], published in instalments from 1952, the investigator Jean Valhardi came up against an

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Stephen Berkowitz

ULI journal, Le Rayon , and published the first Reform prayer book in France, Des ailes à la terre . Lévy was also a founding member of the World Union and maintained a regular correspondence with Lily Montagu. The synagogue attracted upper

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Raphaël Baroni

-Ogan, which reproduces the motif of dream travel imagined by Mercier. In 1942, with Le Rayon U [The U ray], Edgar P. Jacobs illustrates the modality of a dinosaur sanctuary discovered after ‘a twist of fate’ that diverts the travellers from their intended

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Evenki Adolescents’ Identities

Negotiating the Modern and the Traditional in Educational Settings

Svetlana Huusko

Communities for Empowerment in Appalachia . Albany : State University of New York Press . Severobaikalskii Municipal District. n.d. Severobaikalskii Municipal District Official Website . (accessed 31 August

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Félix Germain

’espérance Où se ranime un cœur! Enfant proscrit de peau d’un rocher d’esclavage Je viens, courbé d’exil sur ta loyale plage Reposer mon malheur! Étoile aux rayons d’or dans mon âme enchâssée, Tu vins naitre et briller au sein de ma pensée Dès mes plus tendres

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Narrating the Second World War

History Textbooks and Nation Building in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Lina Klymenko

Belarusian national homeland. The textbook highlights the liberation of the first Belarusian rayon town on 23 September 1943 and the first Belarusian oblast town on 26 November, 60 followed by the liberation of Minsk on 3 July 1944, and of Brest on 28 July

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Matthieu Béra

demandèrent 500 000 documents, « sans compter ceux qui étaient pris sans aucune formalité aux rayons de la grande salle, garnis de 5000 livres usuels ». Le prêt concernait 20 000 volumes (25 fois moins que les consultations) 28 , dont 12 000 pour les