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Yamini Narayanan

The fundamental sustainability tension may be said to lie in reconciling want and greed. This places the human self or the human soul as a moral battleground where desire and duty constantly attempt to triumph over each other. However, desire must be understood and integrated as part of a fully self-conscious human self in order to enable a consistent and unwavering performance of duty. In this article, I propose the Hindu notion of the purusharthas, or the fourfold path to self-actualization, as one illustrative example of a green telos. The purusharthas prescribe a path comprising of material and sensuous experience, in obedience to dharma or duty, such that moksha or a state of complete self-awareness may be achieved. I suggest that the stage of dharma is thus where the most profitable connections between Hinduism and sustainable development might be made.

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Ananta Kumar Giri

broad love of life and is a sadhana and struggle to express oneself creatively as well as enabling others for their creative self-realization, leading to multiple rainbows of co-realizations, 2 reminding us of the following line of Hölderlin: “And yet

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J. Cristobal Pizarro and Brendon M. H. Larson

dimension; they were also important in a process of identity recalibration. For instance, birds tied to professions, occupations, or social activities were linked to participants’ self-realization (see Ryan and Deci 2001 ). This means that linking species

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Nicholas J. Long

The metaworld Ultima Online was designed to foster 'tight communities' of inhabitants. So ware users frequently say it has done just that. Yet many users spend most of their time online alone, engaged in practices of self-realization, individuation, and skill maximization. Drawing on Wilde's utopian writings, I suggest that Ultima Online has fostered an emergent sociality of sympathetic individualism - but that characterizing this as 'community', 'friendship' and 'camaraderie' also allows users to engage with seemingly opposed communitarian tropes of the good life. This affords insights into how ethical imaginations influence emergent forms of human sociality.

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,” with reference to the openness of groups, communities, and systems. It is linked to the process of self-realization in the interactive setting of biographical development. The concept of dignity, serving as a possible antonym for shame, has a strong

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Post-Conflict Dynamics in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Identities, Nationalization, and Missing Bodies

Katerina Seraïdari

). Violence gives new roles to women—emancipating or humiliating—and turns them into subjects or objects, according to the circumstances and the historical period: this leads us to the crucial question of self-realization that Jansen treats in his article. The

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Gil Hizi

has promulgated several slogans and emotive keywords that link citizens’ self-realization with nation building. Terms such as ‘happiness’ ( xingfu ), ‘dreams’ ( mengxiang ), and zheng nengliang have become central in the state's disciplinary

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Rolf Dieter Hepp

). It appears, however, that the dialogue with artists and creative workers is somewhat neglected in the theories of creativity. We thought, “There is a gap.” (4) Another conceptual bridge between the interpretations of art and work is the idea of self-realization

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Raili Nugin

constructs. Vincent Kaufmann, Manfred Bergman, and Dominique Joye have introduced the term “motility,” to signify the potential of mobilities as a resource to foster social mobility. 31 In rural areas, the perception of self-realization may be closely

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Olga Nieuwenhuys

human rights. Their lives are, as it were, in suspense, as if not yet born. Third, the notion also refers to life in societies in the Global South as being of a fundamentally different nature than life in the North. While self-realization and freedom in