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Tracking Skilled Diasporas

Globalization, Brain Drain, and the Postcolonial Condition in Nigeria

Nduka Otiono

This essay examines the trajectories of skilled labor migrants within a global South-North migration matrix using an interdisciplinary framework. Focusing on Nigeria's huge brain drain phenomenon, the essay draws from the limited available data on the field, interpreting those data through theoretical perspectives from postcolonial studies, Marxism, cultural studies, and human geography. The study spotlights the example of the United States of America as a receptacle of skilled migrants and raises questions of social justice along the North-South divide. The research demonstrates that contrary to the dominant image promoted by some elements in the Western media of migrants as irritants or criminals who disturb well-cultivated, advanced World economies and social spaces, 1 those nations benefit highly from Africa's (and other migrant countries') labor diasporas, especially the highly skilled professionals.

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Waves of Dispossession

The Conversion of Land and Labor in Bali’s Recent History

Anette Fagertun

, and exploitative forms of work ( Breman and van der Linden 2014: 924 ; Fagertun 2017b ). The direction of tourism development today toward luxury hotels, spas, and exclusive attractions increases the demand for skilled labor, yet most of the low

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Apprenticeship and Learning by Doing

The Role of Privileged Enclaves in Early Modern French Cities

Jeff Horn

that only rarely did they pay even modest fees. 5 Nor did their “apprenticeship” last very long because there was tremendous demand for productive, skilled labor in this rapidly growing city. Bordeaux's guild masters mobilized their political muscle to

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Enforcing Apartheid?

The Politics of “Intolerability” in the Danish Migration and Integration Regimes

Julia Suárez-Krabbe and Annika Lindberg

group consists of foreigners who are favored because of Denmark's unmet need for specialists and other types of skilled labor, whereas the third group includes refugees, particular groups of migrants from the Global South arriving in Denmark until the

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The Dialectical Identity of Eastern Germans

Joyce Marie Mushaben

unemployment rate for fifteen-twenty-four year-olds was 28 percent, 57 percent for those who had not completed their training. 22 Ironically, the eastern states now face a significant skilled-labor shortage, still due to a lack of major capital investment in

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Precarious Connections: On the Promise and Menace of Railroad Projects

Peter Schweitzer and Olga Povoroznyuk

definitely include Edelman's eloquent ethnographic account about shunters’ work in a contemporary railroad yard in Sweden. 40 Running a railroad requires more than physical infrastructures and technologies. First and foremost, it requires skilled labor by

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Moving on

Italy as a stepping stone in migrants’ imaginaries

Anna Tuckett

Southern European countries, migrants are ambiguously viewed as “useful invaders” ( Ambrosini 1999 ). Unlike in some Northern European countries, such as Denmark and the Netherlands, where many migrants have fulfilled a demand for high-skilled labor

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An Inconvenient Expertise

French Colonial Sailors and Technological Knowledge in the Union Française

Minayo Nasiali

World War II, however, many in the industry claimed that African sailors did not have the aptitude for more skilled labor and therefore their place in the changing maritime economy was tenuous at best. But in the 1950s, African sailors facing

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Bridging “green” asymmetries through crises

How a Chinese green bond has landed in Portugal

Giulia Dal Maso

producers ( Christophers 2016 ; Knuth 2018 ). As the story goes, the West holds all the high technology and expertise, China boasts cheap and skilled labor, which makes it a giant energy-manufacturing leader and net exporter. Despite its focus in the last

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Book Reviews

Helga Druxes, Christopher Thomas Goodwin, Catriona Corke, Carol Hager, Sabine von Mering, Randall Newnham, and Jeff Luppes

regions. At the same time, German youth look outward, and local firms recruit skilled labor from abroad. Infrastructure—this category includes Strukturpolitik , defined as “a mandate for policies designed to shape and influence the structure of the