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Elisabeth Yarbakhsh

Derrida’s hostipitalité formulation provides a framework through which we might begin to explore the relationship between Iranian citizen-hosts and Afghan refugee-guests in the city of Shiraz and the surrounding province. Notions of Iranian hospitality thread through multiple and diverse constructions of Iranian selfhood. Religion, poetry and history speak to what it means to be Iranian, marking out categories of Self and Other and, in doing so, exposing the limits of hospitality in the very spaces that the nation is most acutely felt.

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Aliabad of Shiraz

Transformation from Village to Suburban Town

Mary Elaine Hegland

Anthropological participant observation, in-depth, open-ended interviewing and oral history reveal aspects of social change and modernisation that have taken place in Aliabad, Iran, over more than half a century. These developments have transpired in interplay with economic, political and cultural processes. As a result of economic transformation from sharecropping and trading to urban-style jobs, and due to outside influences as a consequence of advances in transportation, communication, education and travel, villagers have been able to make other choices. Through bottom-up social and political change, relationships in all areas of life have become less authoritarian and hierarchical and more egalitarian and subject to negotiation and individuation.

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Modernisation and Social Change

The Impact on Iranian Elderly Social Networks and Care Systems

Mary Elaine Hegland, Zahra Sarraf, and Mohammad Shahbazi

Anthropological field research in Iran, mainly in the village of Aliabad and in nearby Shiraz in south-west Iran, has documented radical social, cultural, religious and economic change over the last 28 years. Increasing emphasis on the nuclear rather than the extended family and pressures for geographic and social mobility have profoundly influenced the lives of the elderly. The traditional family system of support for elders - with regard to emotional and social needs, as well as financial assistance and physical care - is breaking down. Social scientists, social workers and health personnel must focus on adequately addressing the needs and concerns of the Iranian elderly in the twenty-first century and on developing alternative systems to deal with key elderly issues of health, well-being and social incorporation.

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A Purging Presence

The Dog in Zoroastrian Tradition

Mahnaz Moazami

Bundahišn and Rivāyat-I Ēmēt-I Ašavahištān MS. TD2, Pt. 2, Zand ī Fragard ī Jud-Dēw-Dād , pp. 433 – 673 ( Shiraz : Muʾassasah-e Asiyāʾi, Dāneshgāh-e Pahlavi ). Lerner , J. ( 1995 ), ‘ Central Asians in Sixth-century China: A Zoroastrian Funerary Rite

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Enis Sulstarova

the journal for their constructive comments on previous versions of this article. Notes 1 Gerdien Jonker and Shiraz Thobani, eds., Narrating Islam: Interpretations of the Muslim World in European Texts (London: I. B. Tauris, 2010). 2 Adrian Brisku

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Erika Friedl

. ( 2017 ), Folksongs, Poetics and Philosophies of Life from the Mountains of Iran ( London : I.B. Tauris ). Hegland , M.E. ( 2011 ), ‘ Aliabad of Shiraz: Transformation from Village to Suburban Town ’, Anthropology of the Middle East 6 , no. 2

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Environmental Configurations

When the River Zayandeh Rud Stopped Crossing Isfahan

Sahar Faeghi and Sophie Roche

recognise Iran by the cities Isfahan, Shiraz and Tabriz, especially by Isfahan. Since water was cut off, this feeling has declined among Isfahani citizens. For instance, when I have guests from other cities and I invite them for the month of May, they say

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Sachiko Hosoya

experiences of people with thalassemia major, intermittent fieldwork in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz was conducted from 2014 to 2016. The information collected through semi-structured interviews and questionnaire surveys with people with transfusion

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Community–University Health Research Partnerships

Challenges and Concrete, Plain Language Strategies for Community Engagement in Research

Janet Page-Reeves and Lidia Regino

something about it. Page-Reeves took that request and worked with her colleague, Shiraz Mishra, at UNM to obtain a grant from the university’s Clinical and Translational Science Center to work with One Hope to conduct community-engaged research to find out

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Stephanie J. Silverman

Press . 10.1017/CBO9781107284357 Dossa , Shiraz . 2008 . “ Lethal Muslims: White-Trashing Islam and the Arabs .” Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 28 : 225 – 236 . 10.1080/13602000802303169 Drotbohm , Heike , and Ines Hasselberg , eds