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Modernist Embodiment

Sisyphean Landscape Allegory in Cinema

David Melbye

effects are culturally relative to what is and what is not familiar to the viewer. The Myth of Sisyphus Another way of expressing my own research inclinations, accordingly, is a shared interest in human experiential configuration, and the

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Bryan Loughrey, Cedric Watts, and Deryn Rees-Jones

him on the rocks), And Desdemona too: ‘O, ill-starred wench!’. Nomenclature apes blindfold Destiny. © Cedric Watts Charles Baudelaire: ‘Le Guignorf Translated by Cedric Watts Omens To raise a weight so heavy, Sisyphus, I need your courage! Though I

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Francisca Lladó

phenomenon, the whereabouts of two lost works by Ribera, Sísifo [Sisyphus] and Tántalo [Tantalus]. His obsession with the paintings leads him to imitate Ribera in order to understand what truly motivated the artist to paint works of art depicting figures

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Challenging the Absurd?

Sartre’s Article on Kafka and the Fantastic

Jo Bogaerts

’Aminadab de Blanchot’ [the ‘fissure’ in Jaspers, death in Malraux, Heidegger’s abandonment, Kafka’s temporarily reprieved creatures, the pointless, obsessive labour of Sisyphus in Camus, or Blanchot’s Aminadab]. 21 While for some the absurd was essentially an

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Sisyphean Struggles

Encounters and Interactions within Two US Public Housing Programs

Erika Gubrium, Sabina Dhakal, Laura Sylvester, and Aline Gubrium

were to deter any able-bodied person from “choosing” to reside in the workhouse unless truly destitute ( Green 2010 ; Lødemel 1997 ). Albert Camus (1955: 1) begins his philosophical essay “The Myth of Sisyphus” with the following, which viscerally

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Jorge Lizarzaburu, Adrian van den Hoven, and Donovan Irven

-known literati, such as Malraux, who helped him to publish The Stranger with Gallimard. And, unbelievably, the editor Jean Paulhan accepted the novel before reading it. Camus received his acceptance letter on 8 December 1941, and The Myth of Sisyphus appeared

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Dan Moss

catalogue of the Library? Nay, by Ammon’s horns, let that rest awhile, for to speak truth, of all Pharaoh’s edicts ’tis the most tyrannical, that I must waste mine eyes to tadpoles in such a stream of names and titles. Sisyphus’ stone excepted, there is no

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John H. Gillespie

examples of bad faith. Each writer leaps, in his own way (echoing Camus’s idea of ‘le saut’ in le Mythe de Sisyphe [ The Myth of Sisyphus ]), from the dead end of absurdity to a new transcendent that will solve, to some extent, those problems. Bataille

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Gustavo H. Dalaqua

could contradict the will of the majority. In a truly representative democracy, politicians’ work is analogous to Sisyphus's: condemned to a ceaseless to-and-fro movement, representatives must always return to the public square in order to translate

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Peter M. Haswell

Pragmatic Power and Promise of Theoretical Environmental Ethics: Forging a New Discourse .” Environmental Values 11 (1): 3 – 25 . doi: 10.3197/096327102129340957 . 10.3197/096327102129340957 Camus , Albert . ( 1942 ) 1979 . The Myth of Sisyphus