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Beyond the Discourse of Sexualization

An Inquiry into the Adultification of Tween Girls’ Dressing in Singapore

Bernice Loh


In order to explore the adultification of tween girls in Singapore through the way they dress, I begin this article by taking stock of the arguments in the discourse of sexualization. In further elucidating the cultural specificities of girlhood, I point out how tween girls’ fashioning of themselves after adults in Singapore presents some challenges to the ways that the adultification of tween girls’ dressing has been commonly theorized. I show that although the adultification of tween girls’ dressing forms a large part of the debate in the discourse of sexualization, tween girls’ fashioning of themselves after adults should not be assumed to be an exclusive outcome and process of improper and premature sexualization in culturally-specific contexts like Singapore. This article, therefore, explores a different way of thinking about tween girls who are dressing up in more adult-like ways, and suggests the need to be careful about extrapolating from arguments made in the (Western) discourse of sexualisation about this phenomenon.

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Beyond Orientalism; Texting the Victorian East

Julia Kuehn and Tamara S. Wagner

Thirty years after its publication in 1978, a reconsideration of Edward Said’s Orientalism invites a shift from contextual and colonial discourse analysis towards a renewed attention to ambiguities of form and structure. The central point of interest of this special issue, ‘Re-Imagining the Victorian Orient’, hinges upon close readings of canonical and noncanonical texts, side by side, in order to highlight the complexities of Victorian literary culture that earlier readings often threatened to deny. The analyses comprise discussions of travel writing as well as of fiction from the 1830s up to the 1920s, covering what is commonly considered the height of imperialism. What brings the essays in this special issue together is the project of opening up the question of the Victorian Orient as a concept and a literary topos, based upon, but also beyond the critical tenets of Orientalism. While this project is rooted in literary history and the history of representation, its main emphasis firmly rests on a ‘texting’ of the Victorian East: an emphasis on genre, aesthetics, and structural metaphors. This collection is held together by the places it foregrounds as much as by this critical redirection towards textual analysis. Divided into two parts, it reads women’s travelogues covering the Middle East, South, and South East Asia, comparing and contrasting them with the ‘notorious’ colonial novels of Dickens, Conrad, Kipling, and Forster.

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Comics and Transnational Exchanges

Lawrence Grove, Anne Magnussen, and Ann Miller

The title of our journal implies there is such a thing as European comic art, even if in practice it is intended to indicate we focus on work produced (outside the United States) in European languages, leaving the fields of South East Asian and US

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Making Friends of the Nations

Australian Interwar Magazines and Middlebrow Orientalism in the Pacific

Victoria Kuttainen and Sarah Galletly

, [and] Professor Elkin, No.1 authority on the Aborigine” (May 1938: 71) drew, by its very scope and title, articles on the Torres Strait, Papua, New Guinea, South East Asia, China, and Japan into an orbit that included National Geographic -styled

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Hege Høyer Leivestad and Johanna Markkula

( UNCTAD 2019 ). These ships are crewed by some 1.6 million seafarers, most of whom are drawn from labor pools in South, East, and South-East Asia. Sites of production, consumption, and disposal, as well as financing and labor are often situated at

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“SpiritS Follow the words”

Stories as Spirit Traces among the Khmu of Northern Laos

Rosalie Stolz

, Vanina . 2006 . “ Empowerment through Acculturation: Forgetting and Contesting the Past among the Phunoy in Northern Laos .” South East Asia Research 14 ( 3 ): 431 – 443 . 10.5367/000000006778881627 Brenneis , Donald . 1987 . “ Talk and

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China’s New Silk Road

Autocracy Promotion in the New Asian Order?

Octavia Bryant and Mark Chou

from this small canal, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia—ports along the Malacca Straits—stand to lose. Seen in geopolitical terms, this infrastructure project could have long-lasting effects, dividing South-East Asia into a zone of democracy and a zone

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Situating Screen Bodies

Brian Bergen-Aurand

, rereadings of science journal illustrations, and tactical video art metatexts that strive to subvert the internet’s open-context feedback loop. It will also feature reports from two South East Asian film festivals and an East Asian video installation as

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Erick White

, 121 – 137 . Los Angeles : Sage . 10.4135/9781446201077.n10 Formoso , Bernard . 2016 . “ Thai Buddhism as the Promoter of Spirit Cults .” South East Asia Research 24 ( 1 ): 119 – 133 . 10.5367/sear.2016.0295 Gellner , David N . 1992 . Monk

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Keeping the Future at Bay

Waria, Anticipation and Existential Endings in Bali, Indonesia

Sylvia Tidey

-transgender-community-faces-discrimination.html#sthash.3OAJxwSO.dpuf . Johnson , M. 1995 . ‘ Transgender Men and Homosexuality in the Southern Philippines: Ethnicity, Violence, and the Protocols of Engendered Sexualities among the Muslim Tausug and Sama ’. South East Asia Research 3 ( 1 ): 46