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Social Quality in Spain

Juan Monreal and Salvadora Titos

A few years ago Spain was not oriented on social quality but on economic growth at the most basic level. It was necessary to improve economic conditions and to restore and consolidate democracy in order to enable Spain to enter the European Union in 1986. Once a member, Spain set out to increase its economic, political and social standing and saw it approximating the European average on the majority of indicators. As we will see below, Spain still has to improve on some of the indicators in order to reduce some persistent imbalances in its socio-economic structure. Hence, the effort made by Spain for some years now must be maintained in order to consolidate its position at the heart of the European Union from a social quality perspective.

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Historicising the Emergence of Comics Art Scholarship in Spain, 1965–1975

Antonio Lázaro-Reboll

Any examination of the constitution of the Spanish field of comics between 1965 and 1975 requires a detailed contextualisation of wider historical, social and cultural processes across national borders and of the formation of comics cultures in

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The Perception of Time and the Meaning of History among Spanish Intellectuals of the Nineteenth Century

Ana Isabel González Manso

Since the late eighteenth century various perceptions of living in a new time, different from the past one, have coexisted in Spain. This suggests that the past was also seen and revisited in different ways. This article sets out to investigate how

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Hamletism in the Spanish Civil War, 1936–39

Jesús Tronch

The Spanish Civil War broke out on 18 July 1936, when reactionary factions of the army rebelled against the young progressive Second Republic, then governed by a broad left-wing coalition. 1 Spain and the Spaniards were split between those

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China in Astley’s New General Collection of Voyages as it Appeared in a Spanish Newspaper

Nicholas F. Russell

years, it had appeared in French, German, and Dutch. The debut of Lozano Yuste’s Spanish edition, in the official daily newspaper of Madrid (the Diario de Madrid ), seems in retrospect nearly inevitable. As part of this republication, the Diario ’s

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Crisis, austerity and the normalisation of precarity in Spain – in academia and beyond

Corinne Schwaller

Austerity politics and labour reforms in Spain have intensified the precaritization of employment, both inside and outside academia. Drawing on the cases of two highly educated young women, this paper suggests an analysis of academic precarity that focuses on the intertwining of the academic and the non‐academic world of work in (re)producing precarity. In Spain, a less precarious alternative to precarity in academia is often nonexistent, putting young academics in a situation of blackmail to accept precarious conditions. Consequently, precarity is increasingly normalised. Yet, the process of the normalisation of precarity is understood not only as the growth of precarious jobs and the lack of alternatives, but, more fundamentally, as a shift in the perception of what can be legitimately claimed or expected within employment relations more generally.

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A World in the Making

Discovering the Future in the Hispanic World

Javier Fernández-Sebastián

Translator : Mark Hounsell

rapidly displacing the traditional reverence for the past. I will mention by way of example a note made by Jovellanos in his diary at the end of the eighteenth century. The Spanish jurist wondered rhetorically about posterity’s opinion with regard to a

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Who cares about the cargo?

Container economies in a European transshipment port

Hege Høyer Leivestad

witnessing a verbal dispute. Sergio, a 45-year-old foreman whose no-nonsense attitude has served him well over his 27 years on the docks of the Spanish Port of Algeciras Bay, had just directed me through the yard and along the streets of stacked colored steel

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History Teaching and Cultural Hegemony

Representations of the Spanish Civil War in Francoist History Textbooks of the 1960s

Johanna Fricke

“The Supreme Court Stops Franco's Exhumation” El País , 5 June 2019 Even though 1 April 2019 marked the eightieth anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War, the conflict remains a divisive issue in Spanish society today.1 As the above

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Aspects of Spanish Acculturation among Moroccan Jews

Moisés Orfali

In 1492 when thousands of the exiles from Spain ( megorashim ) went to North Africa, they did so knowing that they would find Jewish communities there ( toshabim ). Most settled in port or large inland cities. A scattered number even reached the