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Andrea Sabbadini

Film studies inspired by the theories of British psychoanalyst Donald W. Winnicott are scanty. Although this may be partly explained by Winnicott's own somewhat unenthusiastic attitude toward cinema, it should be fruitful to approach film, in both its form and content, by taking into consideration the relevance of some of his ideas. These include in particular the concepts of mirroring and transitional space, especially in relation to the idea of a bridge space connecting external reality to its filmed representation, as well as the latter to reality as perceived by the viewer's gaze. Winnicott's developmental model of mental processes could prove useful for an understanding of the structural and functional characteristics of cinema, as well as for providing original interpretations of individual films.

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The Re-establishment of a Jewish School in Düsseldorf

Jonathan Grünfeld

The Yitzhak-Rabin-Schule is the Jewish primary school in Düsseldorf. Opened in 1993, it is considered by its sponsor, the Jewish Congregation Düsseldorf, as a successor of the 'Private Jüdische Volksschule' which was forced to close by law in 1942. The primary school started with seventeen pupils in a transitional space and was finally able to move into its own building ten years after its establishment. Currently 150 pupils visit the only Jewish school in Düsseldorf.

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Finding a Place to Sit

How Qatari Women Combine Cultural and Kinship Capital in the Home Majlis

Rehenuma Asmi

as a transitional space between the private Qatari home and the public Qatari state. As a malleable and transitional space, it represents and makes space for the intersection of domestic and public as well as the different forms of capital that hold

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Instrumentalising Media Memories

The Second World War According to Achtung Zelig! (2004)

Maaheen Ahmed

, indefinite, transitional space: ‘The space of the foreigner is a moving train, a plane in flight, the very transition that precludes stopping. As to landmarks, there are none. His time? The time of a resurrection that remembers death and what happens before

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Governing Global Aeromobility

Canada and Airport Refugee Claimants in the 1980s

Bret Edwards

: Borders, Bodies, and Biopolitics,” Alternatives 31, no. 2 (2006): 167–189. 30 Memo from Gaetan Lussier to John Roberts, 24 August 1983. 31 Harry Hiller, “Airports as borderlands: American preclearance and transitional spaces in Canada,” Journal of

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Disharmonious Continuity

Critiquing Presence with Sartre and Derrida

Gavin Rae

seeing Sartre as being “situated in a transitional space that straddles the divide and creates a sometimes uneasy tension between a postmodern sense of despair, plurality, fragmentation and indeterminacy and a modernist longing for comprehension, meaning