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M. Maksudur Rahman and Md. Assadekjaman

Rickshaw pullers are key to sustaining urban mobility in Dhaka city. Yet they are among the most marginalized members of society. Pullers live in precarious urban environments and struggle to rise out of a chronic poverty trap. In their work they face the daily challenges of restrictions on their activities, harassment from passengers and the traffic police, traffic jams and accidents. This article explores the factors which contribute to the unsustainable lifestyles of rickshaw pullers in Dhaka city. It suggests that rickshaw pullers might be supported better through licenses, economic incentives, and by prioritizing their contribution to improving Dhaka's traffic system.

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Zenyram Koff Maganda

fear that the planet on which we live is being further destroyed. If we stay on the current track of unsustainable lifestyle habits that have negative impacts on natural resources, we will end up destroying an irreplaceable planet. I want a planet that

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Hebrew Dystopias

From National Catastrophes to Ecological Disasters

Netta Bar Yosef-Paz

weather” (329). Specifically, the narrator articulates the novel’s attitude against hyper-consumerism, suggesting that by maintaining an unsustainable lifestyle, the protestors are in fact the generators of the disaster (332–333). The most prominent