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John V. Nance

Of the fifteen verbal links Wiggins associates with Q1 Hamlet in his catalogue of British Drama, the inclusion of Dido, Queen of Carthage is potentially the most problematic in terms of establishing a 1588–1589 date for the play. This article re-examines the editorial and critical history of the most commonly cited overlap between these two plays – the entirety of ‘Aeneas’s tale to Dido’ – and it provides new evidence that challenges their continued association.

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Ronald de Rooy

teenagers. The tone is very light, the characters and all the story ingredients have undergone a completely modern transformation, the illustrations are current and fresh. Hoody-wearing Dante’s guide is not the austere Virgil but the fable-loving Aesop: ‘If

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Sam Roggen

Trail Jesse Hibbs Western 8.1 1956 Jubal Delmer Daves Western 8.0 1955 The Kentuckian Burt Lancaster Western 7.7 1958 The Fly Kurt Neumann Horror/Sci-Fi 7.4 1956 Alexander the Great Robert Rossen Adventure/Epic 7.3 1957 The Land Unknown Virgil W. Vogel

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The Artist in a Positivist Academy

Bridging the Artist-Scholar Divide

Ibanga B. Ikpe

arts critic. Virgil Thomson understands it as consisting in an artist knowing what art is about and at the same time knowing what they have created and being able to defend it on professional grounds ( Thomson et al. 1989: 200 ). O.G. Sonneck (1925

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Shakespeare and War

Honour at the Stake

Patrick Gray

Virgil, any honour that accrues to those victorious in battle must be weighed against the suffering which made that triumph possible. 31 There must have been some sort of injury, or at least some sort of threat, what in just war theory would be called a

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The Rule of Law—A Heuristic Perspective?

simplicity of the Roman Republic: “The imagery of the Latin classics had penetrated their lives, words, thoughts, and acts in endless ways ever since they could remember. The almanacs of the day, with lines from Horace, Virgil, and Ovid, had sung the praises

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Catherine N. Butcher

Jones, Keith Bullock, Chris Green, Sean Clark, Ashley Cochrane, Jeff Amburgey, Gail Bowman, Chris Lakes, Virgil Burnside, Theresa Lowder, Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens, David Tipton, Richard Cahill, Judge Wilson, David Neidorf, Amity Wilczek, William Ehlers

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Dan Smith

between this world and the other spheres. A splash page with no borders shows Swedenborg and Davis standing, like Virgil and Dante, amongst a neoclassical city. The standard format of the book is broken up at this point. For example, two pages that follow

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Elizabeth Mazzola

print in the grass’. 43 But the gaze of the bride offers Spenser another centre or vantage point. Privileging the spectatorship of the Queen guarantees the poet’s position as England’s Virgil, even while the poet’s self-presentation can at the same time

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The Non-Secular Pilgrimage

Walking and Looking in Ken Cockburn and Alec Finlay’s The Road North

Alice Tarbuck and Simone Kotva

literary pilgrim. Choosing not to eschew but embrace guidance and purposive direction, the pair appoint Bashō as the Virgil to The Road North’s Dante. Indeed, the poem emphasises this homage to the genre of religious allegory and pilgrim’s progress