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The Eisenstein-Vygotsky-Luria Collaboration

Triangulation and Third Culture Debates

Julia Vassilieva

This article analyzes the unique historical collaboration between the revolutionary Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein (1898–1948), the cultural psychologist Lev Vygotsky (1896–1934), and the founder of contemporary neuropsychology, Alexander Luria (1902–1977). Vygotsky’s legacy is associated primarily with the idea that cultural mediation plays a crucial role in the emergence and development of personality and cognition. His collaborator, Luria, laid the foundations of contemporary neuropsychology and demonstrated that cultural mediation also changes the functional architecture of the brain. In my analysis, I demonstrate how the Eisenstein-Vygotsky-Luria collaboration exemplifies a strategy of productive triangulation that harnesses three disciplinary perspectives: those of cultural psychology, neuropsychology, and film theory and practice.

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International learning experiences at home in Japan

The challenges and benefits of taking English-medium courses for Japanese students

Yukiko Ishikura

Sanford’s ‘principle of challenge and response’ (2009) and Lev Vygotsky’s ‘zone of proximal development’ (1978) . Sanford noted that well-balanced challenges and support are required for student learning and development. ‘People do not change unless they

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On Misfitness

Reflections in and out of Fashion

James D. Faubion

the precedents of Lev Vygotsky and Ludwig Wittgenstein and drawing support from developments in certain of the natural sciences, Rodney Needham pronounced some time ago that anthropological conventions of classification and comparison were by and large

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Neriko Musha Doerr

‘immerse themselves in a “living laboratory” that forces them to become actively involved in the learning process on every level – intellectual, psychological, and emotional’ ( Laubscher 1994: xiv ). Drawing on Vygotsky’s theory that social interaction is

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Disrupted PECMA Flows

A Cognitive Approach to the Experience of Narrative Complexity in Film

Veerle Ros and Miklós Kiss

form an important stepping stone in the development of this capacity ( Leslie 1987 ; Lilliard 1993 ; Steen and Owens 2001 ; Vygotsky 1978 ). Conversely, our ability to appreciate and engage with fiction may be dependent on having a functional theory

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“I Will Make You Understand”

Using Pictures to Explore Young Boys’ Sport Experiences

Deborah Agnew, Jennifer Fane, Murray Drummond and Philippa Henderson

Research in Psychology 3 ( 1 ): 77 – 101 . doi:10.1191/1478088706qp063oa . Brooks , Margaret . 2009 . “ What Vygotsky Can Tell Us About Young Children Drawing .” International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal 1 ( 1 ): 1 – 13 . Brustad

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Murray Smith

, Aesthetic Pursuits .” Philosophy: Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy 93 ( 3 ): 464 – 470 . doi:10.1017/S0031819118000037 . Vassilieva , Julia . Forthcoming 2019 . “ The Eisenstein-Vygotsky-Luria Collaboration: Triangulation and Third