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The Draconian Governance of Illegalized Migrants in Western States

Barak Kalir

based on racialization, segregation, and deportation of undesired subjects, I argue Departheid, too, is animated by a sense of moral superiority that is rooted in a fantasy of White supremacy ( Hage 2000 ). 2 This sense of moral superiority justifies

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A White Republic? Whites and Whiteness in France

Mathilde Cohen and Sarah Mazouz

level, the attack was upsetting and terrifying. On another level, it was a boon, as it made obvious the relevance and urgency of thinking about race in the French context and, particularly, of interrogating White supremacy—the sociopolitical and economic

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An Obstacle to Decolonising Europe

White Nationalism and Its Co-option of Serbian Propaganda

Jordan Kiper

-cultural variations on a common theme: maintaining white supremacy and actively countering ideological challenges to it. Drawing from anthropologies of race ( Belisio-De Jesús and Pierre 2020 ), white supremacy is a spectrum of racialised power, ranging from white

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“White” Guadeloupeans of “Mixed” Ancestry

Complicating Analyses of Whiteness and White Supremacy

Ary Gordien

both the complexity of Whiteness and the intricate ways in which White supremacy is reproduced and challenged in Guadeloupe. 2 Since the 1950s, anthropologists of the French Caribbean have provided valuable genealogical and socioanthropological

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Contested Memory

Retrieving the Africanist (Liberatory) Conception of Non-racialism

Ndumiso Dladla

on what he called ‘civilisational difference’ in line with post-Second World War rejection of racial science (ibid.: 6). As Soske points out, ‘By identifying white supremacy with a biological theory of human difference, Thompson and other liberal

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Beyond (and Before) the Transnational Turn

Recovering Civil Disobedience as Decolonizing Praxis

Erin Pineda

. Across decades of exchange and transit, civil disobedience emerged as a decolonizing praxis —a form of action that could liberate oneself and others from the fear and violence that defined global white supremacy, and transform the structures and

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“Why Don't You Just Take it Off?”

Hijab as Resistance

Amilah Baksh and Bibi Baksh

religious identity instead of marginalizing it (see Giorgi 2021 ) in chronicling our journey through patriarchy and white supremacy as it manifested in our early years as girls and young women, and now in social work practice and education. We pay specific

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Critical and Coalitional Pedagogies Embodied by Girls of Color

Tashal Brown

CCS#1, a Nasher spoke about racism and colorism in the entertainment industry. She stated, I would say [I knew about] white supremacy. Growing up my mom would watch different TV shows and would notice [there weren't] Black dark-skinned girls or

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Dressing Masculinity in the Nineteenth-Century, or Feeling Tight Around the Collar

Nigel Lezama

that, for the middle-class young men who sat for these portraits, masculine vestimentary self-representation was not a simple task. In this article, I shed light on the crisis in the regime of masculine domination and white supremacy, twin forces

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Brexit, Erewhon, and Utopia

Porscha Fermanis


Viewing Brexit as part of a longer history of Anglo-Saxon racial and cultural exceptionalism, this article reflects on what Samuel Butler's satirical novel Erewhon, or Over the Range (1872) can tell us about the utopian impulses informing Brexit's neoimperialist ideology and hence about British identity politics today. Set in an inward-looking, socially homogeneous, and postindustrial society somewhere in the colonial southern hemisphere, Erewhon provides an anachronistic simulacrum of both an isolationist “Little England” and an imperial “Global Britain,” critiquing the idea of the self-sufficient, ethnonationalist “island nation” by demonstrating the extent to which it relies on the racial logic of White utopianism, as well as on a disavowal of the non-British labor that supports and sustains it.