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The Long-Term Destabilization of Youth, Scarring Effects, and the Future of the Welfare Regime in Post-Trente Glorieuses France

Louis Chauvel

"Youth" was once defined as the 15 to 24 year old age group. Today in France one sees a "first youth" (dependent on family and school) and a "second youth" in their twenties sharply divided between a successful elite with top degrees (or family wealth) and a highly marginalized workingclass. Between these extremes, a middle group often experiences frustration and anomie when their university degrees fail to launch the careers they desired. A "third youth" of thirty-somethings has also emerged still dependent on their families and the state. The French corporatist welfare regime, moreover, makes women, immigrants, and the young structural outsiders who must compete harder than Caucasian middle-aged men for jobs. Setbacks early in life in the labor market have long-term consequences (scarring effects) both for individuals and for the birth cohort as a whole. The political consequences are difficult to forecast, but much of the recent political volatility in France can be traced to these generational dynamics and failure to integrate youth since the late 1970s.

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The Sixty-Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of WUPJYS

Henry Skirball

century preceding the founding of NFTY (National Federation of Temple Youth, now named North American Federation of Temple Youth) in 1939. Entitled ‘The Founding of NFTY and the Perennial Campaign for Youth Engagement’, it begins on page 59 of The

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Global South Perspectives on Youth

A Commentary

Shannon Philip

global order have powerfully redefined what youth lives are in many countries of the Global South today. The profound economic, cultural, and social shifts at a global scale have produced new cultures of youth consumption, leisure, pleasure, sexuality

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Israeli Theater for Youth

Performing History of Mizrahi Jews

Naphtaly Shem-Tov

Zionist meta-narrative. In this article, I discuss how Mizrahi theater artists portray the little-known history of Middle Eastern Jews for Israeli youth. I focus on two productions first staged in the 1980s at the Orna Porat Theater for Children and

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Emotional Encounters and Young Feminine Choreographies in the Helsinki Metro

Heta Mulari

and 2017 in Helsinki. 2 The young people in the study were hired by the City of Helsinki Youth Services to participate in workshops in which they created artwork to be displayed in metro stations. Both groups consisted of more girls than boys. However

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The Children of Antifascism: Exploring Young Historians Clubs in the GDR

Catherine Plum

This essay explores the history of young historians clubs in East Germany as they pursued antifascist projects from the early 1950s through the final years of communist rule. Using antifascism as an analytical tool, the author investigates students who not only accepted socialist values and prescribed historical interpretations in total or in part, but advanced them in their own right during their leisure time. Voluntary young historians clubs provided a previously unexplored window into the prevalence and relative depth of youth interest in the regime's favored heroes-communist resistance fighters. Youth interest in this theme dispels the pervading theory in some contemporary political circles that young people overwhelming rejected state-supported antifascism. The primary source base for this essay includes individual club reports, regional statistics, conference documents, and oral history interviews.

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Social Representations of Masculinity in Mexican Youth’s Creative Narratives

Robyn Singleton, Jacqueline Carter, Tatianna Alencar, Alicia Piñeirúa-Menéndez, and Kate Winskell

the complexities with which they are surrounded in reality and thus provide access to richly contextualized social representations. This study draws on narratives contributed to a 2015 scriptwriting competition by Mexican youth living in Oaxaca State

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The Legitimation Process of the Hilltop Youth

From Outcasts to the Israeli Cabinet

Tom Levizky and Yuval Benziman

This article examines the manner in which members of the religious-ideological formation known as the ‘hilltop youth’ acted to improve their image and gain legitimacy in Israeli society, and how this corresponds with the unprecedented

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Witnessing Public Mourning in Haudenosaunee Youth Theatre

Margot Francis

her narrative reflects a sense of that calamity as Haudenosaunee youth are experiencing it. This positioning makes her work particularly relevant to Girlhood Studies , while also situating her as a much younger aspiring artist in a long line of

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Youth and Alternative Sporting (Im)mobilities in Disrupted and Conflicted Spaces

Holly Thorpe

youth in disrupted, conflicted, and “dangerous” spaces. For many researchers and governmental and aid organizations, children and youth are among the most at risk in contexts of war and natural disaster. Certainly, children and youth can be exposed to