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Economic Transitions and Land Ownership

Challenging Traditions among Rural Yezidis in Post-Soviet Armenia

Hamlet Melkumyan and Roman Hovsepyan

The Yezidis of Armenia, traditionally considered transhumant pastoralists, have been changing their economic habits over the past century. Nowadays, they are more engaged in agriculture than they were a century ago. The social and cultural backgrounds of these transformations are discussed, showing the involvement of the treatment of the Armenians and the adaptive character of the Yezidis’ economy. Presently, the Yezidis practise animal breeding and plant cultivation in parallel, using the human resources available in their family. The ongoing transformations in the economy and their engagement in agriculture are challenging the conservative lifestyle of the Yezidi community. Thus, the people who have shifted to the agrarian economy are seen as outsiders in the traditional framework and are perceived to be of low prestige.

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The Many Layers of Moral Outrage

Kurdish Activists and Diaspora Politics

Nerina Weiss

, moral outrage might appear as a reasonable (and legitimate) emotion when it comes to the past and current situation of Kurds in Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. The killing and enslavement of the Yezidis by the Islamic State (IS) ( McGee 2018 ), the civil

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Babak Rezvani

political issue among them as it was among the Êzidîs (Êzidî/Yezidi, or Kurd), who usually, particularly in Armenia and to some extent also in Georgia, preferred the ethnonym Yezidi above Kurd. However, the Borchalis constitute the urban majority only in the

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Jens Kreinath and Refika Sariönder

2013 ; Karakaya–Stump 2004 ), while some historians trace the roots of Alevism to the Turks of Middle Asia and their shamanic traditions ( Cahen 1968: 4 ; Mélikoff 1994: 29–52 ). Still others address similarities to the Kurdish Ahl–i Haqq and Yezidi

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Eloise Grey

Account of the Sect of Yezídís, and of Various Places in the Mesopotamian Desert, between the Rivers Tigris and Khábúr,” Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London 9 (1839): 409–430, doi: 10.2307/1797732 . 122 AUL/2740/6/25/1 Last will and