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Frederika Eilers

Engaging a cross-disciplinary approach, this comparative analysis shows how two disparate icons, Barbie and Modulor, are similar. The former is an often criticized symbol of girl culture, beauty, and consumerism. The latter is a drawing of a man that summarizes the dimensional system of Le Corbusier, one of the world's most influential architects, and that subsequently became a symbol of modern architecture. Divided into three parts—idealized bodies, their spaces, and how typical users are excluded—this nuanced interpretation explores the intersections of architecture, feminism, embodiment, and ableism. I show how these two bodies—Barbie and Modulor—inspire homes that emphasize the vertical: the buildings exclude typical users. For instance, Barbie's friend Becky, who is in a wheelchair, does not fit into Barbie's skinny world and Modulor's needs are dissimilar to those of mothers and children. Putting these artifacts into conversation reinvigorates the subjects and provides a contextual framework in which to consider Barbie's house as architecture.

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Beth Pickard

their education. Bernadette Baker (2002) considers disability an ontological issue, before its inscription as an educational one likening this ‘hunt for disability’ ( Campbell 2000 ) to a new model of eugenics that is dictated by the logic of ableism

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Starting Anew

German Rabbis and Their Experiences in Britain 1939–1956

Astrid Zajdband

pastoral care. Several rabbis were able to continue their teaching careers and lectured at Cambridge or continued their research. 3 Others involved themselves with the Refugee Children's Movement (RCM), the umbrella organisation for the welfare of the

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Reframing Disability through Graphic Novels for Girls

Alternative Bodies in Cece Bell’s El Deafo

Wendy Smith-D’Arezzo and Janine Holc

, calls attention to two problems with dominant modes of representing impaired children: the reduction of the character to disability alone; and the normative validation of specific types of bodies presented as able-bodied. We find that Bell presents

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Anna Beckers

public interests, corporate CSR practices – that according to Hertz are practices deriving from the market – are able ‘to preempt and discredit attempts to define and carry out policies designed to protect the broader public interest’. CSR should be seen

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The Left Party and the AfD

Populist Competitors in Eastern Germany

Jonathan Olsen

itself in both parties. Finally, the article speculates on ways in which the AfD was able to successfully present itself as the more “authentic” and new populist representative for protest voters in contrast to the Left Party. The 2017 Election

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The Art of Doubting

A Jewish Perspective

Danny Rich

of politicians; and economic progress is evident everywhere. There are challenges, including a level of corruption, an obsession with bureaucracy and the leftovers of a complex caste system. The current prime minister, a biography of whom I was able

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Latin America

A challenging prospect for regionalism

Ernesto Vivares

conceptual apparatus and methodology able to make explanations about the region in time, and in its hemispheric and global context, rather than philosophical assumptions. Indeed, there has been a lack of academic examination of these dual constructions and

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Denis Vuka

hand, might be interpreted as a vector pointing to the community’s future, 63 which is directly linked to the course of the war and which, apparently, only he is able to foresee. In this sense, the leader is not only a military genius, but also a

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Anastasia Todd

subtitles too, I was able to understand a WHOLE youtube video for the first time in my life! (n.p.) Alex O’Gorman, a disabled girl commenter with severe hearing loss, articulated a similar feeling of gratitude, rikki thank you SO MUCH for making this video