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Combustion, Hydraulic, and Other Forms of Masculinity

An Essay Exploring Dominant Values and Representations of the Driver in Driverless Technology

Sarah Redshaw

is on speed and acceleration designed to appeal to male drivers and their desire for thrill. Online searches have been conducted in which the major manufacturers and their representation of the car, driver, and driving environment were considered. In

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“Amazing Rapidity”

Time, Public Credit, and David Hume's Political Discourses

Edward Jones Corredera

scholars have studied, such as modern society's strenuous need for “dynamic stabilisation”—stabilization via perpetual growth, innovation, and acceleration. 9 Eighteenth-century philosophers explored and expanded the ties between the scientific dream of

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Pac'Stão versus the City of Police

Contentious Activism Facing Megaprojects, Authoritarianism, and Violence

Einar Braathen

campaign to put both the causes and consequences of violence on the agenda. When federal, state, and local authorities in 2007 offered large-scale public investments in Manguinhos as part of the Growth Acceleration Program (Programa de Aceleração do

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Student engagement in the management of accelerated change

Anthropological reflections on ‘Project 2012’ and The Offer

Anselma Gallinat

of accelerated change thus ensued. Not dissimilar to other instances of rapid transformations ( Hann 1994 ; Verdery 1996 ), the acceleration of change brought to the fore structures and dynamics that are difficult to detect in the routines of

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Jon Schubert


Cargo shipping, as emblematic stand-in for globalization, peddles a seductive imagery of frictionless transnational trade and just-in-time logistics. Backed by the normative might of transnational institutions, instruments such as UNCTAD's Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) are being rolled out across “developing countries,” promising the rationalization, acceleration, and “dematerialization” of customs processing, while countries themselves introduce efficiency reforms to smoothen the flow of goods. This article charts the intensive work required to produce this fantasy of frictionless trade around the Atlantic port of Lobito, Angola. In a context where imports have dropped by 50 percent to 60 percent since 2014 due to lower oil prices, this article traces how actors involved in making this import-dependent economy work deal with the seeming failure of promises of transnationally connected economic growth.

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A General Introduction

Roxana Moroşanu and Felix Ringel

2000 ) and acceleration, articulated in forms of ‘time–space compression’ ( Harvey 1990 ) or of ‘timeless time’ ( Castells 1996 ) in relation to new information technologies that allow simultaneity ( Eriksen 2001 ) and the acceleration of global finance

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Icelandic Resource Landscapes and the State

Experiments in Energy, Capital, and Aluminium

James Maguire

between the underground and overground – in particular heat and pressure relations – to maximum acceleration effect. Moving through underground chambers, fluids accelerate as they heat up, exploding upwards through the extraction technologies, and phase

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Pettman, Dominic. Infinite Distraction

Paying Attention to Social Media

Conor Heaney

through. Hypersynchronisation is the acceleration of the experience of temporality and is about ‘the cynical, corporate-governmental control of attention, behavior and thought’ (p. 29) made possible by contemporary technologies: smartphones

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‘But Isn’t It the Baby that Decides When It Will Be Born?’

Temporality and Women’s Embodied Experiences of Giving Birth

Joanna White

intervention, including labour acceleration ( Maher 2008 ; Scammell and Stewart 2014 ), often leading to a cascade of consequent measures. 7 The Friedman curve’s continuing ‘iconic’ status in maternity units and within hospital protocols ( Downe and Dykes

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‘The Inexhaustible Surface of Things’

Stefano Tamburini's Comic Book Work

Simone Castaldi

reality he encounters. By eliminating depth, he only experiences extreme black and white emotional states, such as extreme hate or extreme need, in what Tamburini meant to be received as an acceleration of human emotional responses. As a machine, RanXerox