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Ariela Zycherman

al. 2014 ). Simultaneously with this drop in deforestation rates, Brazil increased its GDP by 32 percent (Federal Republic of Brazil 2015) primarily through agricultural intensification, and specifically through cattle ranching and the production of

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Extractive Conservation

Peasant Agroecological Systems as New Frontiers of Exploitation?

Anne Cristina de la Vega-Leinert and Peter Clausing

dimension of Land Sparing, namely: the need for agricultural intensification. A Focus on Agricultural Production Does Not Lead to Food Security Land Sparing’s second main argument is the contention that agricultural intensification in monofunctional

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Distributing Responsibilities in an Agricultural Ecosystem

Insights from the Lake Naivasha Water Basin in Kenya

Gaële Rouillé-Kielo

This article explores the responses to acknowledged anthropogenic transformations of Lake Naivasha in Kenya, whose ecosystem is considered to have been disturbed by the intensification of agricultural uses of natural resources (notably land and water) over the last half century. It examines the ways in which a “payments for environmental services” (PES) project has been implemented, reflecting the rationale of ecological modernization. This article aims to challenge the environmental narrative that supports the project by revealing its oversimplifications. Empirical data demonstrates how the environmental issues addressed by the project are embedded in historically inherited land trajectories. This in turn forces us to reflect on the necessary question of responsibility, an issue at the heart of the debate since the emergence of the Anthropocene concept.

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Ruth Mostern

record align. Together the sources demonstrate that the characteristic erosion rate of the loess plateau during the last thousand years or so is the result of war, territorial conflict, and agricultural intensification in the Ordos Basin. The History of

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Nefissa Naguib, Pauline Peters, Nancy Ries, Murray Garde, Zhiying Ma and Frédéric Keck

source of squabbles between states, neighbors, households, and family members. Water marks strategic social frontiers and pushes forward industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural intensifications. It unites and has the capacity to lubricate

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Michael Sheridan

also invest in boundary maintenance in order to protect the improved soil from encroachment, and that these perimetrics leave traces of past agricultural intensification. Many of these are lines of rocks, stone walls, and postholes, but living fences

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The Rule of Law as a Condition for Development Toward Sustainability

Toward a New Legally Oriented Environment at a Global Level

Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini

appropriately mitigated with good governance, provided that laws in place are appropriate for the given context. Land tenure is a clear intersection between the rule of law and food and nutrition security. Agricultural intensification has taken place in a