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On Misfitness

Reflections in and out of Fashion

James D. Faubion

that I had myself created. In An Anthropology of Ethics (2011), seeking critically to expand and elaborate the parameters of the ethical domain that Foucault developed in the second volume of The History of Sexuality ( Foucault 1985 ), I proposed

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Eschatology, Ethics, and Ēthnos

Ressentiment and Christian Nationalism in the Anthropology of Christianity

Jon Bialecki

Ressentiment : The Politics and Ethics of Moral Emotions .” Current Anthropology 54 ( 3 ): 249 – 267 . Faubion , James D . 2001 . “ Toward an Anthropology of Ethics: Foucault and the Pedagogies of Autopoiesis .” Representations 74 ( 1 ): 83 – 104

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Giving and Taking without Reciprocity

Conversations in South India and the Anthropology of Ethics

Soumhya Venkatesan

This article constitutes an intervention in the anthropology of ethics through a discussion of conversations about instances of religious alms/charitable giving where there is no expectation of direct reciprocity. I argue that this kind of ‘ethical

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Putting Together the Anthropology of Tax and the Anthropology of Ethics

Soumhya Venkatesan

Placing the anthropology of tax and taxation in conversation with the anthropology of ethics yields productive insights into both subfields. This is because discussions and disputations about tax and taxation reveal the ways in which people articulate and evaluate their relations with others, with the state, with ‘ought’ and ‘is’, and in terms of ownership and responsibility. They open up the complex relationship between legal obligations construed as moral and ethical understandings that are grounded in reflection and seek to articulate and enact particular understandings of the ‘good’ and ‘right’. This afterword draws on my own research with English right-wing activists, the articles that make up this special issue, and key discussions in the anthropology of ethics.

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Talk and Practice

Ethics and an Individual in Contemporary South India

Soumhya Venkatesan

This article explores the intricate relationship between talk and practice in the anthropology of ethics by focusing on one individual, a temple and consecration priest, in Tamil Nadu, South India. By examining his relations with other people, gods and his ideal and present self, the article suggests that ethical self-cultivation is an ongoing practice and is based on ordinary and extraordinary encounters, evaluations and reflections thereon. It argues that the focus on an individual both allows an intimate and detailed reflection on processes of ethical self-cultivation and offers a window into the wider social world of which the individual forms a part.

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Cultivating and Contesting Order

'European Turks' and Negotiations of Neighbourliness at 'Home'

Susan Rottmann

This article examines how Turks returning from Germany to Turkey self-fashion as 'orderly neighbours'. By maintaining aesthetically pleasing homes and gardens, keeping public spaces clean, and obeying rules and laws in public, return migrants believe they act as modern 'European-Turks' and exemplify good neighbourliness. Many neighbours, however, feel these actions are unnecessary or even disruptive to Turkish communities. In conversation with the burgeoning anthropology of ethics, this research explores how local, national and transnational assemblages foster reflections and debates on neighbourly ethics. Further, this study highlights anxieties about individualism, reciprocity, 'modernity' and 'European-ness' in today's Turkey.

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Lenience in Systems of Religious Meaning and Practice

Maya Mayblin and Diego Malara

would not be ‘contingent’ because it has, in some form or other, already been foreseen and collectively dealt with. In other words, we seek to explore what lenience adds to a contemporary anthropology of ethics and religion by looking at the sorts of

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Receiving the Gift of Cognitive Disability

Recognizing Agency in the Limits of the Rational Subject

Patrick McKearney

dependent and limited versions of cognitively able subjects. If we are to make the anthropology of ethics and the anthropology of disability attentive to the full diversity of ways that humans inhabit the world, it is essential that we learn to describe the

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For an Anthropology of Cognitive Disability

Patrick McKearney and Tyler Zoanni

the agent that the anthropology of ethics has pioneered. In doing so, these articles also speak back to these debates about subjectivity, challenging some of its very foundations. Cognitively able adults are open to being formed by different social

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Making Multitemporality with Houses

Time Trickery, Ethical Practice and Energy Demand in Postcolonial Britain

Roxana Moroşanu

Foucault’s work on ethical practice ( Foucault 1990 , 2000 ) and recent work in the anthropology of ethics ( Faubion 2011 ; Laidlaw 2014 ) can be used to argue for a temporal orientation towards the future. For Foucault, ethical analysis is a practice of