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Arctic Circumpolar Civilization

Philosophical Approaches to the Concept

Sviatoslav Shachin

This article analyzes the concept of an Arctic circumpolar civilization and focuses on contradictions inherent within the concept. Some of these antinomies are the nomadic character of the traditional Arctic civilization and the traditional academic approach that takes a sedentarist perspective; the rich worldview of the Arctic residents and its inadequate reflection in the rational paradigm of cognition; and issues surrounding sustainable development and the global crisis of humanity, which leads to instability worldwide, including in the Arctic. The article proposes method of dialectical synthesis for resolving such antinomies.


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Moral Conflict

The Private, the Public and the Political

Marios Filis

different from, a relativistic theory. Spelling out the tripartite categorisation is therefore essential in order to make the pluralistic approach to politics and ethics more powerful. It allows us the possibility of explicating various moral antinomies of

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David Graeber

Terms such as 'fate' and 'luck' are ways of talking about the ambiguities and antinomies of temporal existence that all humans, even social theorists, have to confront in one form or another. Concepts that include mana, śakti, baraka, and orenda might best be considered as grappling with the exact same paradoxes. Nor should we assume that social scientific approaches are necessarily more sophisticated. Current discourse on 'performativity', for instance, seems in certain ways rather crude when compared to the Malagasy concept of hasina (usually translated as 'sacred power'), which takes on the same dilemma—what I call the 'paradox of performativity'—in a far more nuanced way.

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Figurations of the Future

On the Form and Temporality of Protests among Left Radical Activists in Europe

Stine Krøijer

During the past 10 years, protests timed to coincide with international summits have become a recurrent phenomenon in Europe. The present article describes the protests of left radical activists during NATO's sixtieth anniversary summit in Strasbourg in 2009, paying attention to the particular relationship between form, body, and time. The article establishes a dialogue between the performative theory of Victor Turner, Viveiros de Castro's theorization of Amerindian perspectivism, and newer theories of time and the body. It is argued that during confrontations between activists and the police, a moment of bodily synchronicity emerges among activists. A skillful performance makes a temporal bodily perspective appear that overcomes the antinomies between immanence and transcendence, between the present and the future, that characterize much thought on social change.

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Shylock in Buchenwald

Hanan Snir’s Israeli-German Production (Weimar 1995)

Gad Kaynar-Kissinger

Jewish actor Ernst Deutsch – reviving the traditional antinomy of Shylock and Nathan – performed Shylock in Düsseldorf in 1957, and in Berlin, in 1963, accentuating those features that repudiated the antisemitic physical and mental characteristics

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L’Aimé qui est l’aimée

Can Levinas’ Beloved Be Queer?

Robin Podolsky

invites me to do justice. Here, Levinas shows us a way out of the liberal antinomy between personal autonomy and social accountability . He teaches that the subject is indeed special – as someone uniquely summoned to answer to and for the neighbour. The

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Annabel Brett, Fabian Steininger, Tobias Adler-Bartels, Juan Pablo Scarfi, and Jan Surman

There is instead an irresolvable antinomy between community and sovereign, and Palti concludes his first chapter by suggestively linking it to a second antinomy, this time between sovereignty and government. His discussion of this theme makes an

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Spirou's Origin Myth and Family Romances

The Domestication of Adventure in the New Adventure Comic

Cristina Álvares

and Gos, Panade à Champignac (Marcinelle: Dupuis, 1969). On the antinomy home-adventure in these albums, see Benoît Peeters, Les Bijoux ravis (Brussels: Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2015); Cristina Álvares, ‘Le Destin du héros n'est plus la famille

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Jean-Christophe Marcel

) . The project of a rapprochement between sociology and psychology can be traced back to the efforts of Mauss and others in the inter-war years, but also has origins in concern, in Durkheim’s own intellectual milieu, with an antinomy between the

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Constanza Parra and Frank Moulaert

Spaces of Globalization: Reasserting the Power of the Local , ed. Kevin Cox , pp. 137 – 166 . New York : Guilford Press . Swyngedouw , Erik . 2009 . “ The Antinomies of the Post-Political City: In Search of a Democratic Politics of Environmental