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Samuel Salzborn

-standing antifeminism and hostility towards gender equality. Nevertheless, there has been somewhat less attention paid to the AfD’s handling of the Nazi past and its relationship to antisemitism. This might be because the party has avoided officially espousing anti

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Geoffrey Bindman

Antisemitism is hostility to Jews as Jews, but defining antisemitism is complicated by Zionism and the existence of the State of Israel. The fundamental right to freedom of expression is threatened by the misuse of a definition of antisemitism and claimed examples of antisemitic conduct that encourage confusion between antisemitism and criticism of the policies and practices of the Israeli government and its institutions. The right to express criticism and to debate such policies and practices must not be suppressed by reliance on unsubstantiated claims of antisemitism.

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Jews and Christians in Vichy France

New and Renewed Perspectives

Michael Sutton

, since several of the books have focused on the reactions of church leaders to the round-ups and deportations, we may ask whether pétainisme and antisemitism can be disentangled from one another; this leads to further questions about the extent to which

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Redefining Censorship

Lessons Learned from Teaching The Merchant of Venice in Israel

Esther B. Schupak

when taught carefully and sensitively – may serve to reify and disseminate antisemitic stereotypes, thus subtly promoting antisemitism. It has often been argued that Merchant can be used to teach tolerance and to fight societal evils such as

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Shylock in the Cinema

Michael Radford’s The Merchant of Venice

Maria-Clara Versiani Galery

film industry in the world’, affirmed Ebert. Shakespeare has become a box office attraction at the movies, but producers turn away from Merchant , a work that has played a role, historically, in the construction and dissemination of antisemitism. The

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What Was So Funny about Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973)

A Comedic Film between History and Memory

Michael Mulvey

blackface and Jewish drag. The piously Catholic de Funès confirmed the Second Vatican Council’s condemnation of antisemitism as he denied Catholicism its claims to universality. Pivert’s successful “Jewface” parody subversively questioned essentialist

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Nazir Ahmed

I am grateful to the World Jewish Congress for inviting me to share my thoughts with this most distinguished gathering on the issues of Islamophobia and antisemitism. I would like to pay tribute to the Maimonides Foundation and Lord Janner for organizing this, my second visit, to the holy city of Jerusalem. I am acutely aware of the honour given to me, the first European Muslim ever to be invited to address the World Jewish Congress.

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Deproblematizing The Merchant of Venice

Text, and Pretexts for Changing Subtext

Roger Wooster

artistic decisions will be made within the context of what the director and actors wish to communicate to their own times. Given that the text of Merchant seems infused with antisemitism, this article will consider how the contemporary actor can make

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Nazism and the Holocaust in Indian History Textbooks

Basabi Khan Banerjee and Georg Stöber

the belief that the Nordic (Aryan) race had the capacity and moral right to rule over the world. (3) Anti-Semitism with emphasis on the elimination of the Jews. (4) Opposition to communism and democracy. (5) Militarism.” 45 Where dates are given, the

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Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle

suggested that the spider is a symbol with anti-Jewish connotations. If markers of antisemitism are undeniably present in L’Étoile mystérieuse , it is important to restate that the artist was far from being pro-Hitler (it is well known, indeed, that many