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The Allotted Share

Managing Fortune in Astrological Counseling in Contemporary India

Caterina Guenzi

Anthropological studies on causality in South Asia in the past decades have focused mostly on local idioms of 'mis fortune', with very little attention being paid to ideas of 'fortune' and 'luck'. This article, based on fieldwork carried out among astrologers and their clients in Banaras, shows that astrology provides an ideological framework for the conceptualization and management of fortune in present-day urban India. According to astrologers' analyses of horoscopes, 'destiny' (bhāgya, lit. 'allotted share') is conceived as a form of wealth acquired at birth that can be augmented or diminished as a result of planetary influences and personal choices. The author suggests that, beyond the Sanskrit tradition, the semantics of destiny can be linked to decisionmaking processes and values of achievement that mark the lives of middle- and upper-class families in contemporary India.

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More than Darkness Preservation

The Importance of the Dark, Star-Filled Skies in Urban Areas

Yee-Man Lam

also have an impact on our future. We assert that stars can help to predict and decide our future, with our lives and our health subject to the locations of the stars, as shown explicitly in divination and fortune-telling methods, such as astrology

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Rafael Guendelman Hales

containing different types of texts, which can, in some cases, be called books. The majority of these tablets and fragments consists of omens, astrological interpretations, and mystical conceptions that guided Ashurbanipal in leading his empire. 1 The

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Ritual Tattooing and the Creation of New Buddhist Identities

An Inquiry into the Initiation Process in a Burmese Organization of Exorcists

Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière

of the central coconut offering, facing the pagoda. During this time, the protection of the space against bad influences must be renewed through a procedure called ‘to close the fence’ ( si peit hta- ), according to the astrological sign of the

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Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle

rings, is the planet Saturn, with all its sinister connotations. As a result, when the elderly visionary is thrown out of Phostle’s laboratory, he crosses the line that separates the astronomy zone (where Phostle works) from the astrology zone (the world

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William A. Quinn

Man of Law’s apparent belief in judicial astrology: Paraventure in thilke large book Which that men clepe the hevene ywriten was With sterres, whan that he his birthe took, That he for love sholde han his deeth, allas! For in the sterres, clerer than

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At the Root of Learned Travel

New Science, the ‘Other’ and Imperialism in the Early Philosophical Transactions

Manuela D’Amore

Colours, with which they dye their stuffs, never fade. 13. They have Mathematicians amongst them, and believe in Iudiciary Astrology. 14. Japan yeilds divers sorts of good merchantable Commodities; but chiefly all sorts of silken Stuffs, unwrought Silk

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Andrei Bazarov

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

Mongolian languages, due to the powerful publishing activity of the monastery print shops. Local authors created original works in various areas of Buddhist knowledge: ritual, astrology, medicine, philosophy, philology, among other topics. It is likely

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Neslihan Ekmekçioğlu

character when she visited him during her pregnancy for astrological consultation. 6 Most critics regard Aemilia as the mistress of Lord Chamberlaine, Henry Carey, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII by Mary Boleyn and the brother of Queen Elizabeth I. When

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Rachel Adler

. ‘Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that it is approximately quarter past three. Theologically, I can see that God is the