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Between Science and Utopia

Physical and Astronomical Notions within French and Polish Fourierism

Piotr Kuligowski and Quentin Schwanck

imaginary devices that were new and unusual to the established political vocabulary but were deployed in order to both criticize the existing world and to imagine a new one. 1 In this study, we examine the role that references to physics and astronomy

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The Chaco Skies

A Socio-cultural History of Power Relations

Alejandro Martín López and Agustina Altman

those whose impact is limited to a certain animal or plant species ( López 2009 ). Ethno-astronomy, 2 as the study of the socio-culturally constructed ways of experimenting, conceptualizing, and acting in relation with the sky, stands as a key approach

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Maimonides Editorial

Esther Seidel

Three contributions celebrate the occasion of the eight-hundredth anniversary of the death of one of our greatest sages, Moses Maimonides (1135–1204). Maimonides was a master in every branch of Jewish scholarship. He was the great genius who synthesised the vast world of Talmudic law. He threw light on the Mishnah by one of the most lucid commentaries ever to have been written and he wrote numerous responsa advising Jewish community leaders on intricate problems of interpretation and application of rabbinical law. As a practising physician his advice on prophylaxis and medical treatment was highly valued, while he also had a keen interest in human psychology and in the natural sciences in general, including astronomy.

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Human Mobility and the Spatial Dynamics of Knowledge

Mapping Science, Technology, and Medicine in and around Late Imperial China

Catherine Jami

. He learned astronomy at home with his father and brothers, under the guidance of a certain Ni Guanhu 倪觀湖 (1616–after 1695); they observed the sky and studied their master's writings. Mei Wending's first work, Superfluous Learning on Calendrical

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Migrating Knowledge and the Mobility of Ideas

Rivka Feldhay and Gal Hertz

matter. Under his interpretation, they actually challenged a basic principle of the geocentric cosmological system. But Scheiner, a Jesuit mathematician, was committed to keep the boundary between the mathematical aspects of astronomy on the one hand and

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Evolutionary Thermodynamics and Theory of Social Quality as Links between Physics, Biology, and the Human Sciences

Jaap Westbroek, Harry Nijhuis, and Laurent van der Maesen

Physics, through its original relationship to astronomy, has always been seen as the mother of all modern sciences, including the other natural sciences and subsequent human sciences. It holds itself to be the only science truly capable of

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A Visit from Philippulus

Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle

development of the story. 21 The porousness of the boundaries between dream and reality, sleeping and waking, will make it easy for the spider to intrude into this story about astronomy. Philippulus Tintin leaves the observatory. The scene that greets him out

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Out of Place in Outer Space?

Exploring Orbital Debris through Geographical Imaginations

Hannah Hunter and Elizabeth Nelson

Begay (2010) on Indigenous knowledge and astronomy. 4 For example: How Long Til’ Black Future Month? By N. K. Jemisin (2018) or Binti by Nnedi Okorafor (2015). References Adilov , Nodir , Peter J. Alexander , and Brendan M

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At the Root of Learned Travel

New Science, the ‘Other’ and Imperialism in the Early Philosophical Transactions

Manuela D’Amore

world. Of course, progressing in the field of sea and ocean studies – thus utilizing the latest acquisitions in mathematics, geometry and astronomy – was the key to break with the past and impose new cultural models. On ‘Arithmeticall Nauigation

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Book Reviews

Charles Middleburgh, Marc Saperstein, Ursula Rudnick, and Lia D. Shimada

commentaries of Rashi and Abraham ibn Ezra, a commentary on Pirkei Avot , texts of sermons delivered on special occasions. More surprising are his commentaries on works of Aristotle and the Arabic philosopher al-Ghazali, and two works on astronomy. All of