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Building a House in Nepal

Auspiciousness as a Practice of Emplacement

John Gray

The subject of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness in South Asian society has largely been analyzed as a temporal condition in which there is a harmonious or inharmonious conjunction of people and events in time. In this article, the construction of houses by high-caste people living in a hamlet in Nepal is used to argue for a reconceptualization of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness as practices of emplacement in space and time. The analysis demonstrates how the rituals associated with the various stages of construction ensure the new house's compatibility with its spatial milieu—the soil, the site, the cardinal directions, and the reigning deities, as well as the vital force of the earth. Together with the auspicious timing of each stage of construction and its associated ritual with the owner's horoscope, the result of the building process shows auspiciousness to be a harmonious conjunction of person, place, and time.

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The Allotted Share

Managing Fortune in Astrological Counseling in Contemporary India

Caterina Guenzi

Anthropological studies on causality in South Asia in the past decades have focused mostly on local idioms of 'mis fortune', with very little attention being paid to ideas of 'fortune' and 'luck'. This article, based on fieldwork carried out among astrologers and their clients in Banaras, shows that astrology provides an ideological framework for the conceptualization and management of fortune in present-day urban India. According to astrologers' analyses of horoscopes, 'destiny' (bhāgya, lit. 'allotted share') is conceived as a form of wealth acquired at birth that can be augmented or diminished as a result of planetary influences and personal choices. The author suggests that, beyond the Sanskrit tradition, the semantics of destiny can be linked to decisionmaking processes and values of achievement that mark the lives of middle- and upper-class families in contemporary India.

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Ghost Mothers

Kinship Relationships in Thai Spirit Cults

Andrew Alan Johnson

Pla’s spirit shrine: monks and the monarchy. But instead of attempting to expel the ghost, Pla took on a menacing spirit and transformed it—by adopting it—into something auspicious. In doing so, she directly engaged with danger. Pla believed her house

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Andrea Butcher

is less snow, and the glaciers are receding. Previously, for the smallest undertaking, ceremonies were performed: an oracle or onpo [lay ritual specialist] was consulted, an auspicious date was given, and a monk invited to perform the required

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‘I'm Not that Kind of Doctor’

On Being In-Between in a Global Health Intervention

Erica Nelson

the storytelling format because, as she compellingly argues, ‘narrative better captures the complexity of a research praxis that unfolds in and through complicated intersubjective relationships’ (128). (In)auspicious Beginnings and Messy Middles

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Experiencing Anticipation. Anthropological Perspectives

Christopher Stephan and Devin Flaherty

interpellation’ in which clients of a drug treatment programme work to project social identities they take to be auspicious for how their words will be interpreted later on (and thus what course their treatment will take). Carr's example is instructive, since in

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The “Alternative for Germany”

Factors Behind its Emergence and Profile of a New Right-wing Populist Party

Frank Decker

populism of “Project 18” therefore remained “ideologically halved,” focusing entirely on economic liberalism and a popularization of its outreach to voters. A more auspicious opportunity to appeal to voters on the right was presented by the topic of the

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Nicholas Thomas, Adrian Locke, Noelle M. K. Y. Kahanu, Simon Jean, and Lagi-Maama

,” “authority,” “reputation”) of art in Oceania, did not need the pairing of European and Indigenous works in the manner I had envisaged. In any event, it was agreed that 2018 provided the most auspicious moment to schedule the exhibition, which RA colleagues

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Elizabeth Mazzola

repeatedly checked, like Scudamour’s approach to Amoret. Still, if Spenser’s reference to Orpheus’s ‘unconsummated marriage’ is, Loewenstein notes, ‘hardly [an] auspicious type for Spenser’s own marriage’, 31 Orphic powers occupy only a small place here

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Joyce Marie Mushaben, Shelley Baranowski, Trevor J. Allen, Sabine von Mering, Stephen Milder, Volker Prott, and Peter C. Pfeiffer

companion could not have arrived at a more auspicious moment as people around the world are celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s protest in the form of 95 theses. Our world seems steeped anew in protest – from “ pegida ” to “Ende Gelände” in