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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Central and Eastern Europe

The Rise of Autocracy and Democratic Resilience

Petra Guasti

Around the world, autocracies are rising ( Coppedge et al. 2020 ). At the same time, democracies—established and emerging alike—are being disrupted ( Krastev 2019 ). The general mood is rather bleak. Liberal democracy is no longer in decline; it

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China’s New Silk Road

Autocracy Promotion in the New Asian Order?

Octavia Bryant and Mark Chou

Western analysts have begun questioning “the extent to which China, as its power grows, will seek to remake the world in its authoritarian image.” The fear is that countries under Beijing’s sphere of influence will begin to see the appeal of autocracy

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The Complexity of History

Russia and Steven Pinker’s Thesis

Nancy Shields Kollmann

Muslims. But, as a rule, the state restrained forcible conversion precisely to maintain stable governance and taxation across the empire. 9 Since Russia was an autocracy with no representative institutions or enfranchised social classes to provide leverage

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Mark Chou and Jean-Paul Gagnon

, this issue ends with a critical commentary by Octavia Bryant and Mark Chou on whether China’s New Silk Road constitutes autocracy promotion. Bryant and Chou question the geopolitical reality along, and beyond, China’s western reaches.

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Lauri Rapeli and Inga Saikkonen

longer constitute the majority of the world's political regimes for the first time in two decades ( Lührmann, Maerz et al. 2020 ). The longevity of the declining trend in democracy is a cause for concern in the face of a global pandemic. If autocracy is

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Challenging Hegemonic Patriarchy

A Feminist Reading of Arab Shakespeare Appropriations

Safi M. Mahfouz

the surface, the play seems a critique of autocracy, political injustices, misgovernment, suppression of civil liberties, censorship of artistic freedom, surveillance, and imprisonment of dissidents without trials. Nonetheless, the play obliquely

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Olga Kharus and Vyacheslav Shevtsov

the administrative bodies of the self-government system. The first Russian revolution of 1905–1907 forced the Russian autocracy to make concessions to the liberal and revolutionary opposition not only on the issues of the convocation of the first

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John Dunn

of the French Revolution . Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press . 10.1515/9781400827701 Tiruneh , Andargachew . 1993 . The Ethiopian Revolution 1974–1987: A Transformation from an Aristocratic to a Totalitarian Autocracy . Cambridge

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The End of Revolution, and Its Means

Processual and Programmatic Approaches to Revolution in the Epoch of Revolution Debate

Benjamin Abrams

, as “an actor’s concept, not a purely external, naturalistic identification” ( Dunn 1989: 226 ), we might ask why one would advocate for revolution rather than liberal democracy or fascist autocracy, and what sets revolution apart from either of these

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Hugo Bonin and Aleksandra Konarzewska

in opposition to autocracy that members of the Cabinet adopted a democratic rhetoric (88). Although influenced by international events, this case confirms the insular character of British constitutional debates: Britain was its own model of a stable