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The Making of a Capital

Jerusalem on Israeli Banknotes

Na'ama Sheffi and Anat First

) attempt to explain the means used by the nation-state to create national identity, he maintains that the flag, newspaper, sites, and landscapes initiate ‘banal nationalism’. According to Billig, the performance of banal nationalism can be detected in

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David Leishman

from Raymond Briggs's picture book (1978) into a recurrent Christmas-themed, animated TV ad. Building on the work of theorists such as Michael Billig, Douglas B. Holt and Tim Edensor, 10 who have studied the importance of banal nationalism and the role

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“We Are a Traveling People”

Tourism, Travel Journalism, and the Construction of a Modern National Identity in Sweden

Emilia Ljungberg

only encounter the other through the self. In other words, it is inevitable that they compare and make sense of the foreign through their own cultural background. It is possible to refer to Michael Billig’s concept of banal nationalism, since travel

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Tuuli Lähdesmäki, Sigrid Kaasik-Krogerus, and Katja Mäkinen

Commission, “Memorandum on the Accession of the European Communities to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, COM(79) 210 final, 2 May 1979, Brussels. 50 See also Michael Billig, Banal Nationalism (London: Sage, 1995

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Touring the Regions

(Dis) Uniting the Kingdom on Holiday

Hazel Andrews

cafés in such a way that they could easily be found on a high street in the UK. All of these form part of what Michael Billig (1995) referred to as banal nationalism, those everyday, seemingly ordinary things that are engaged with in a nonreflexive way

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Marco Solimene, Mariann Vaczi, Paul Manning, Bozena Sojka, Stephen Quilley, Anna Zhelnina, and Aimar Ventsel

performance. Chapter 7 discusses sport and nationalism through the popular perspectives of ‘imagined communities’, ‘invented traditions’ and ‘banal nationalism’. Chapter 8 situates sport in an international and globalised context, with special attention to the

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Five Thousand, 5,000, and Five Thousands

Disentangling Ruble Quantities and Qualities

Sandy Ross

. . Penrose , Jan . 2011 . “ Designing the Nation: Banknotes, Banal Nationalism and Alternative Conceptions of the State .” Political Geography 30 ( 8 ): 429 – 440 . 10.1016/j.polgeo.2011.09.007 Preda , Alex . 2007

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Everyday Diplomacy

Introduction to Special Issue

Magnus Marsden, Diana Ibañez-Tirado, and David Henig

. Billaud , J. 2015 . Kabul Carnival: Gender Politics in Postwar Afghanistan . Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press . 10.9783/9780812291148 Billig , M. 1995 . Banal Nationalism . London : Sage . Bornstein , E. 2012

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The New Nationalism?

Antecedents of the Alternative for Germany's Islamfeindlichkeit

J Sterphone

Everyday Nationhood: Theorising Culture, Identity and Belonging after Banal Nationalism , ed. Michael Skey and Marco Antonsich (London, 2017), 147–174; Rogers Brubaker, “Language, Religion and the Politics of Difference,” Nations and Nationalism 19, no. 1