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Of Traiteurs and Tsars

Potel et Chabot and the Franco-Russian Alliance

Willa Z. Silverman

Between 1893 and 1901, the Parisian traiteur Potel et Chabot catered a series of gala meals celebrating the recent Franco-Russian alliance, which was heralded in France as ending its diplomatic isolation following the Franco-Prussian War. The firm was well adapted to the particularities of the unlikely alliance between Tsarist Russia and republican France. On the one hand, it represented a tradition of French luxury production, including haute cuisine, that the Third Republic was eager to promote. On the other, echoing the Republic’s championing of scientific and technological progress, it relied on innovative transportation and food conservation technologies, which it deployed spectacularly during a 1900 banquet for over twenty-two thousand French mayors, a modern “mega-event.” Culinary discourse therefore signaled, and palliated concerns about, the improbable nature of the alliance at the same time as it revealed important changes taking place in the catering profession.

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Vassiliki Markidou

constituting one of the crucial means of sustaining as well as reinforcing his status. The central scene that takes place in this venue, namely the banquet, emphasizes its double function, as it both emanates from and is expected to strengthen the stock feudal

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Catherine E. Clark

, however, was no world-changing reconciliation of capitalism and communism. Richard Nixon's April 1972 visit, although technically classed as private, stole that title. Its touristic visits, banquets, and discus sions resulting in a joint communiqué about

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The Specter of Communism

Denmark, 1848

Bertel Nygaard

, in a significantly more industrialized society and based upon the urban proletariat rather than rural demands. 21 The earliest public uses of the word communism in this modern sense occurred at the first avowedly communist banquet in the Belleville

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Scott Maisano

inspired by Nashe’s Summer’s Last Will and Testament , Shakespeare presents Autumn as the heir to Summer, who enters in the epilogue on a sickbed. ENTER NURSE, OR LOVE’S LABOUR’S WON 1.1 The grounds of the Hospital. Enter SLAPBAG and ANGELA. A banquet

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The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable

Commission for Religious Relationships with the Jews

Henry Wansbrough

Genesis (1:2); and Lady Wisdom in the Ketubim (e.g., Proverbs 8–9) invites all to her eschatological banquet. But is it sufficient for Christianity? Christians view the Spirit of God as sent by and through the historical Jesus. Do Christians view the

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Michael B. Loughlin

In The Banquet Years , a fascinating account of the Parisian avant-garde, Roger Shattuck focuses on several iconoclastic artists, even though they were never considered leading figures. 1 A similar opportunity regarding French political avant

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The correct secret

Discretion and hypertransparency in Chinese biosecurity

Katherine A. Mason

the situation—that is, banqueting with subordinates to convince them to fix the problem. The number would then be “adjusted, modified, or put through a lot of bureaucratic procedures,” Dong told me. But this was “a completely different problem” from

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Challenging Hegemonic Patriarchy

A Feminist Reading of Arab Shakespeare Appropriations

Safi M. Mahfouz

resentment and derision of Fortinbras's visit by quoting extensively from the Bible. During the royal banquet, Hamlet warns the king, Fortinbras and the courtiers, ‘Gentlemen! Be careful! You're drinking blood’. 51 When commended by Fortinbras for quoting

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Itzel Toledo García

Díaz in the banquet of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York (Waldorf-Astoria, New York City) in November 1908. These words resembled the ones said in Oxford and Aberdeen, but put Díaz in a continental perspective: On this continent you