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Biography and Shakespeare’s Money

Portraits of an Economic Persona

Paola Pugliatti

Biography and history The relationship between biography and history has been an uneasy one since Antiquity. As Arnaldo Momigliano wrote in 1971 in the last paragraph of his book on Greek biography: The Greeks and the Romans realized that writing

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From Pioneer of Comics to Cultural Myth

Castelao in Galician Graphic Biography

David Miranda-Barreiro

, 1938). 15 In this article, I will analyse comics biographies of this artist written from the 1970s to the present day: from the first (and shorter) graphic renditions of his life by Paco Martín, Ulises S. Sarry and Xoán Figure 1 Castelao, ‘Ojo clínico

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Margareta von Oswald and Verena Rodatus

for the “decolonization of research” was especially influential in shaping our practice in making the exhibition Object Biographies in the Ethnological Museum Berlin in 2015. This involved working with the collections of the museum’s Africa

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Religion through the Looking Glass

Fieldwork, Biography, and Authorship in Southwest China and Beyond

Katherine Swancutt

. Perhaps researchers give rise to their own fascination for reasons that go beyond themselves, much as Captain Cook’s demise, so Marshall Sahlins (1995: 1–2) suggests, arose from how the Hawaiians authored his biography vis-à-vis that of their god Lono

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Made in Nigeria

Duress and Upwardly Mobile Youth in the Biography of a Young Entrepreneur in Enugu

Inge Ligtvoet

article based on his biography, I argue that Azu is living in duress (see de Bruijn and Both, this issue): he is navigating through life and following his aspirations, yet he is constrained by the internalized hardship of his youth and the invisible

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A Woman Politician in the Cold War Balkans

From Biography to History

Krassimira Daskalova

This article focuses on the biography of the prominent Bulgarian woman activist and political functionary, Tsola Dragoicheva. The broader point it aims to make—together with many other feminist historians and especially with the participants in the

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Art-making, Becoming Girl and Collective Biography

Marnina Gonick

This article analyses a set of stories and artworks that were produced in the context of a collective biography workshop. A Deleuzian framework is used to explore the entanglements that are produced through a cross-reading of different kinds of texts, each taking up the question of girlhood subjectivities. The analysis focuses on the contradiction and indeterminacy of meaning-making in the research process. The aim is to investigate how different kind of knowing and a different kind of knowledge(s) are produced in the movements between texts, sensation and affect.

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Saskia Richter

This article uses the biography of the activist and Green Party co-founder Petra Kelly in order to rethink the Greens' founding process and to articulate a new conception of charismatic political leadership. It shows how Kelly used her activism in the new social movements as the basis for her leadership role in the Greens, and how her ongoing work in the peace movement provided her a means of maintaining power within the nascent party during the early 1980s. By examining Kelly's contributions to the Greens' approach to politics, the article shows that she was more than just a figurehead for the new party. Most importantly, the article shows that throughout her career as an activist and politician, Kelly used her biography to establish credibility and to support her unique style of charismatic leadership. The German public's response to Kelly reveals the influence of this charismatic leadership and shows how her movement-driven and biographically informed approach, which brought personal experiences and emotions into politics, was part of a larger transformation of the political in West Germany during the 1970s and 1980s.

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Searching for What Is Already Found

Ivan Jablonka and the Life of a Nobody

Melanie Hawthorne

that even a nobody could become a representative of a certain type of life. The difference between these two poles—1889 and 1998—enables us to measure how far our notion of biography has evolved. The genre of graphic (written) accounts of a life (bios

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Collective Biography

An Introduction

Marnina Gonick and Susanne Gannon

In June 2011, seven feminist academics gathered to spend a week working together on a collective biography workshop in a small resort town, called Hawk’s Nest, in New South Wales, Australia. Some of us were senior faculty with prior experience with the methodology of collective biography, others were freshly minted or about to be minted PhDs who were totally new to the research methodology. Some of us knew each other from other contexts, and others were meeting for the first time. We were from five different university institutions, working in a range of fields in schools of Education.