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Black Moves

Moments in the History of African-American Masculine Mobilities

Tim Cresswell

This article builds on previous work on the politics of mobility within the broad remit of mobility studies to ask how such an approach might illuminate the history of black geographies in the United States. 1 As befits a mobilities approach

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Whites Cannot Be Black

A Bikoist Challenge to Professor Xolela Mangcu

Keolebogile Mbebe

whether whites can be black. In his essay ‘Whites Can Be Black’, Xolela Mangcu (2015b) argues that whites can be black. However, what makes Mangcu unique is not that a white or black person can transcend race and acquire a national consciousness but his

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Between Resistance and the State

Caribbean Activism and the Invention of a National Memory of Slavery in France

Itay Lotem

resistance within the context of twenty-first-century republicanism. This particular case illustrates the way new anti-racist groups mobilized the memory of slavery to articulate a new kind of black identity in France. This article therefore complements the

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Tintin ‘In Black and White’

A Catholic Social Manifesto?

Philippe Delisle

The albums originally published in black and white are a rich source for anyone who wishes to analyse the ideology at work in Tintin . 1 Adventures that first appeared as newspaper serials between 1929 and 1941 were repackaged for a wider

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Efrat Yerday

discuss head hair as a cultural identity component. The research of art history also does not consider this issue as gender or ethnic matter, echoing the absence of representations of black women. This absence is rarely regarded, and only since the late

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Black Solidarity

A Philosophical Defense

Mabogo P. More

How should black people, indeed any other group of people in general, respond when they are grouped together and oppressed on the basis of the contingency of their physical characteristics? Questions of liberation from oppression involve questions about the means to overcome that oppression. Throughout the ages of struggle against racial oppression, for example, collective black identity and solidarity has been one of the favourite responses and rallying call for racial justice and liberation. In South Africa this response has recently emerged through the formation of a number of highly controversial groups such as: The Native Club, The African Forum, and The Forum for Black Journalists. Critics of these formations think that such black solidarity, divisive, irrational, morally objectionable and, above all, racist. This paper defends the emancipatory racial solidarity tradition, examplified by The Native Club and similar constituted organisations, against such serious charges and critiques mounted by contemporary leading thinkers on identity. The tools for such a defense are primarily derived from Jean-Paul Sartre's conception of group formation in his Critique Of Dialectical Reason. I argue that since anti-black racist consciousness always operates at the level of collectives, it is therefore impossible to fight such racism as an individual; that collective black solidarity is a necessary condition for racial emancipation.

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Colin Wayne Leach and Cátia P. Teixeira

Yet another long, hot summer in 2020 brought to the broader consciousness—in the US and well beyond—what Black folks have known for centuries about the ways in which racial hegemony relies on the acute violence of a police knee on a prone neck and

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Sarah E. Whitney

, received widespread acclaim. To date, Dias’s project has resulted in the worldwide distribution of over 9,000 volumes of children’s literature. 1 Marley Dias’s activism exemplifies Black Girl Magic, a mediated discourse affirming African-American girls

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Julianne Guillard

Ruth Nicole Brown. 2009. Black Girlhood Celebration: Toward a Hip-Hop Feminist Pedagogy

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Violence, Social Movements, and Black Freedom Struggles

Ten Theses toward a Research Agenda for Scholars of Contention Today

AK Thompson

Even though the two traditions overlap, the history of Black freedom struggles in the Americas is distinct from the history of modern social movements as conceived by scholars in the field. Owing to the historical conditions from which they arose, Black