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Childless Women in Georgia

Between Religious Restrictions and Medical Opportunities

Elene Gavashelishvili

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is gradually becoming available in Georgia, but while the medical technologies are being developed, the Georgian Orthodox Church opposes the idea of having a child through what it declares to be unnatural ways. Despite the authority of the Church, the Orthodox discourse about IVF is not directly incorporated into the everyday lives of people. Ethnographical observation has allowed an exploration of how childless women in Georgia reconcile modern reproductive technologies with their religion. In order to explain the hybridity in women’s attempts to make official religiosity better adapted to everyday life, I use the concept of bricolage as applied to the social practices of women who assemble different, seemingly disjointed, resources in coping with problematic situations.

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Kate Myers

novel, Nights at the Circus , have gone largely unremarked. Nights at the Circus also builds a bricolage of blatant Shakespearean allusions – from Falstaff's judging ‘discretion the better part’ to Hamlet's ‘what a wonderful piece of work is man!’ to

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Ta' Pinu

Ritualised Empathy on the Doorstep of Heaven

Philip Kao

This article explores the miracles and ex-votos (votive offerings) associated with the Ta' Pinu shrine on Gozo, Malta's northernmost island. Drawing from ethnographic data, analysis of various personal accounts, and observations of people's interactions with the bricolage of Ta' Pinu ex-votos, I seek to show that Gozitans perform a highly personal yet ritualised form of empathy in the context of miracle worship. The miracles associated with Ta' Pinu are thus seemingly 'contagious' and meaningful, because they elicit existential connections and reflections on the nature of supplication and Gozitan social relations.

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Carl A. Maida and Sam Beck

. Expert and lay groups taking collective action on behalf of sustainability and maintenance of the global commons view shifting organisational arrangements as examples of institutional bricolage, meaning a patchwork of well-worn practices adapted to new

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The Editors

of bricolage’, and thereby shows how discourses and stereotypes may be reappropriated and turned into something new. David Morgan’s article on eighteenth-century satirical prints points to the role that popular imagery has always played in creating a

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Shakespeare and the Modern Novel

Graham Holderness

women writers and readers. Kate Myers examines Shakespeare's influence on Angela Carter's earlier novel Nights at the Circus , which like Wise Children builds a bricolage of Shakespearean allusions, but more subtly reconsiders the ontological issues

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Migration and Redefining Self

Negotiating Religious Identity among Hazara Women in Germany

Saideh Saidi

practices ( Jeldtoft 2011 ; Mishra and Shirazi 2010 ). During my conversations with women attending mosques, I met people with varying characters who were in a double bind and follow a bricolage religion. Although inside the mosque they were obliged to wear

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The Medium Is the Message

Olivier Schrauwen’s Arsène Schrauwen beyond Expectations of Autobiography, Colonial History and the Graphic Novel

Benoît Crucifix and Gert Meesters

, those undertaken in the Congo by Mobutu. 55 In contrast to these two examples, however, Roger is a visionary who allows coincidence to determine the nature of his endeavours, as can be seen in the Bricolage Monument, a collage of objects that a lot of

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The White Cotton Robe

Charisma and Clothes in Tibetan Buddhism Today

Magdalena Maria Turek

’s strategy for charisma extension. The real power of the garment resides in the fact that it can lend itself to the full range of roles, symbols, and narratives in the particular bricolage that constitutes and structures the master’s personal charisma: all

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Mindfulness and Hasidic Modernism

Toward a Contemplative Ethnography

Don Seeman and Michael Karlin

Idel is right about Hindu and Buddhist influences, the term ‘bricolage’, which has been applied to New Age groups like the Kabbalah Center ( Altglas 2014 ), may be too breezy a term to describe this kind of subtle exchange involving Chabad or other