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Parties, Movements, Brokers

The Scottish Independence Movement

David McKeever

, their joint action is brokered: the result is a temporary agreement in pursuit of agreed goals ( Heaney and Rojas 2015 ; Pirro et al. 2019 ). Brokering in activism is done by intermediaries—people Charles Tilly (2004: 30) calls “political

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Capacity Building as Instrument and Empowerment

Training Health Workers for Community-Based Roles in Ghana

Harriet Boulding

mobilization and integration, while ‘concealing divergent and contradictory logics of practice’ ( Mosse and Lewis 2006: 16 ). Health worker strategies: brokering community health The second circumstance arising from the health service’s approach to

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Hmong Christian elites as political and development brokers

Competition, cooperation and mimesis in Vietnam’s highlands

Seb Rumsby

This article focuses on the role of new Hmong religious leaders – predominantly young men – who have played an important role in spreading Protestant Christianity across Vietnam’s highlands over the past 30 years. These pastors and evangelists have directly challenged the authority of previously established Hmong local elites, whose legitimacy rested on traditional religious authority and/or state patronage, causing significant social conflict along the way. Some new Christian pioneers have gained local elite status as political and development brokers for their community, enjoying a potent combination of spiritual authority, strong external networks and financial success. As such, international religious networks can function as alternative patrons to the state for well‐placed Hmong Christian elites to tap into and redistribute to their communities – to varying degrees. Contextualising such leadership dynamics within wider anthropological scholarship of upland Southeast Asia affirms the ‘pioneering ethos’ of local elites in challenging, complying with or mimicking state forms of governance in their attempts to draw in and channel external potency. This highlights the degree of political manoeuvring space available to non‐state actors in a supposedly authoritarian state, as well as ongoing tensions and controversies facing pastors who negotiate ambiguous relationships with powerful external forces.

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How to Scale Factional Divisions in Conflict Situations

Finding Perpetrators and Switchboard Operators in Post-Authoritarian Argentina

Antonius C.G.M. Robben

In conducting fieldwork among perpetrators of state violence, it is a major methodological problem to gain access to competing factions within the research population. Ethnographers often succeed in finding access to at least one faction but this successful rapport might then immediately close off other factions that mistrust the ethnographer’s politics, intentions, or alleged sympathies. The ethnographic challenge is to find intermediaries or switchboard operators, as they are called in this article, who have established informal channels of communication between hostile factions. Switchboard operators have the following characteristics: discretion, neutrality, lack of formal power, disinterestedness, trustworthiness, and they act as a conduit of communication. This article describes how switchboard operators were located in Argentina, and how they played a crucial role in my fieldwork among a broad spectrum of military perpetrators who had terrorized the Argentine people between 1976 and 1983 with enforced disappearances and state repression.

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Alpes, Maybritt Jill. 2017. Brokering high‐risk migration and illegality in West Africa. Abroad at any cost. London/New York: Routledge. 234 pp. Hb.: £110. ISBN: 9781472441119.

Jesper Bjarnesen

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Fragile Transfers

Index Insurance and the Global Circuits of Climate Risks in Senegal

Sara Angeli Aguiton

technologies and brokers to bring the risk of “rainfall deficit” (as the company puts it) from one counter to another. By investigating risk transfer as a social practice, I will show that these brokers are crucial to the economic and political transactions

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Diplomat, Landlord, Con-artist, Thief

Housing Brokers and the Mediation of Risk in Migrant Moscow

Madeleine Reeves

rental market after a previous business venture had failed in the cut-throat world of late-1990s Moscow. After a stint working for a large real-estate firm she now worked as an independent broker [ rieltor , from U.S.-English ‘realtor’, or posrednik

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Doing bizness

Migrant smuggling and everyday life in the Maghreb

Line Richter

forms of mobility and trade it connects to. Whether we call them “smugglers,” “fixers,” “handlers,” “brokers,” or something else, there has been a desire to represent smuggling in terms of particular characters (most often imbued with moral judgments

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Deprivation of citizenship, undocumented labor and human trafficking

Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand

Steve Kwok-Leung Chan

from the sex sector to the labor sector ( Chuang, 2015 ). The role of brokers in the transnational labor migration process is crucial in facilitating the flow. Several Southeast Asia countries have bilateral agreements, or memoranda of understanding

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Class, complicity, and capitalist ambition in Dhaka’s elite enclaves

Paul Robert Gilbert

encouraged by the Better Regulation agenda was found to be complicit. Here, I examine the attempts that financiers made to act as brokers, that is, to create opportunities for profit and national development by “rebranding” Bangladesh in the wake of Rana