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The Permeable Olympic Fortress

Mega-Event Security as Camouflage in Rio de Janeiro

Dennis Pauschinger

. Near where these military forces are deployed, the drug traffic controls it all.” In this ethnographic vignette, the officer talks about a process that I analyze in this article as the production of camouflaging that made specific aspects of security

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Nathan Bracher

The present article argues that Hélène Berr's Journal goes well beyond mere testimony to provide an astute analysis not only of the persecutory measures, arrests, camps, and deportations but also of the various attempts to camouflage the violence and even of the wider implications of what she ultimately recognized to be a systematic extermination. Hélène Berr thus presents an extraordinary case of a young French Jewish student at the Sorbonne who, steeped in literature but untrained in history, nevertheless achieved a degree of historical lucidity that, in view of the confused, limited, and often unreliable information available to her in Nazi-occupied Paris, we can only consider as remarkable. Above all, Hélène Berr's very personal confrontation with history, as it unfolded in all the sinister complexity of what we now know as the Holocaust, enables us to better understand these events in the human terms in which they were experienced and with the ethical dimensions that they take on for us today.

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Young Adult Book Clubs

Feminism Online

Allie Shier

Most young females, particularly in Western contexts, are all too familiar with the traditional structure of the love story: the female protagonist embarks on a journey that ultimately leads her to fulfil her romantic goal of uniting with the male object of her desire. Throughout the history of Western society and beyond, this discourse has been prevalent in many mass media outlets, pervading the content of movies, television, and novels aimed at entertaining young adult females. In this classic narrative, women are presented as being dependent on males for their personal happiness. Whether this narrative is explicitly presented or camouflaged by an intricate storyline involving a seemingly strong and independent female character, this ubiquitous depiction of women in the mainstream media cannot be ignored.

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Theophilus Kwek

was also living with me men were wearing green uniforms, a prayer leader some with plain patterned pants, and some with was slaughtered with a knife a kind of camouflage pattern, like was called out from all of us women and children leaves. They

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Amrita De

embedded in traditional discourses of hegemonic hypermasculinity 4 within a neoliberal framework are capable of affectively 5 engendering. The goal is to unpack what right-wing populist governance often camouflages, to borrow a term from Messerschmidt

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Thomas Klikauer

camouflaged. To get to the truth of the AfD, one cannot simply examine its electoral program because it has been white-washed in order to avoid possible legal action against the party. Any openly Nazi party would face a legal challenge in Germany

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Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Medical Design Anthropology, Improvisational Practices and Future Imaginings

Jonathan Ventura and Wendy Gunn

this can lead designers along paths that reduce or camouflage her disabilities towards the goal of acquiring an image of ‘the correct body’. Designers, such as those working at the Innovation Design studio discussed later, attempt to involve aesthetics

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Optics of regulation and control

Ieva Jusionyte and Daniel M. Goldstein

hypervisualization of the social terrain—the very production of security is contingent on in visibility ( Goldstein 2016 ). Paranoid concealment and creative camouflage are the modi operandi of contemporary security regimes ( Jusionyte 2015a ), and the ability to

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Renaissance of the New Right in Germany?

A Discussion of New Right Elements in German Right-wing Extremism Today

Samuel Salzborn

and strategies of political opponents and work them into one’s own public discourse in a camouflaged way. 8 Therefore, the New Right in Germany also emerged as a conscious counterpart to the New Left (itself developing in the late 1960s among student

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The Misrepresentation of Hong Kongness

The Revamped Hong Kong Museum of Art

Vennes Cheng

civil servants, and the Lion Rock Spirit—which all camouflage the neoliberal propensity for individual success in terms of monetary value. They are historical monuments of the city's success, but not individual experiences that uphold up the humanistic