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Olusegun Steven Samuel and Ademola Kazeem Fayemi

. First, the capability criterion underlying MR not only is exogenous to African thought, but it also undermines the theoretical viability of MR; and second, (2) MR cannot account for the moral standing of species populations. 2 Both objections have

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Xu Yanhui and Gong Ziyu

development capability of impoverished people will mean a lot for our practical poverty alleviation work. This article attempts to use the social quality theory and the community capacity theory to study the poverty of Chinese urban residents. Poverty here

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Amílcar Cabral and Amartya Sen

Freedom, Resistance and Radical Realism

Lawrence Hamilton

framework, neither allowed it to be the only prism through which they viewed and understood ‘reality’, as discussed in greater detail below. Crucially and relatedly, they both place capability and freedom at the heart of everything they espouse, not some

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A Legitimate Freedom Approach to Sustainability

Sen, Scanlon and the Inadequacy of the Human Development Index

Andrew Crabtree

Although the capability approach has had a tremendous impact on the development debate, it has had little to say about sustainable development. As several Human Development Reports have maintained, the last twenty years' gains in human development are not sustainable. The failure to include an integrate sustainability into the Human Development Index would thus give the wrong policy message. Drawing on the works of Amartya Sen and Thomas Scanlon, this article argues that sustainable development can be seen as a process of increasing legitimate freedoms, the freedoms that others cannot reasonably reject. Thus, Sen's vision of development as freedom is amended to suggest limits to freedoms. Forms of development which are not sustainable can be reasonably rejected due, at least, to the harm and blighting entailed. Based on this, it is argued that at country level of comparison the Human Development Index should be combined with the Ecological Footprint to reflect sustainability, and that the Human Development Reports should give way to Sustainable Development Reports.

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Sunday Paul Chinazo Onwuegbuchulam and Khondlo Mtshali

poverty and development can be approached using at least two different frameworks: ‘the basic needs approach, which focuses on consumption and measuring the material basic needs of people or the capability approach which focuses on peoples values and

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Girlhood and Ethics

The Role of Bodily Integrity

Mar Cabezas and Gottfried Schweiger

Introduction: Framing the Capability Approach and Girls’ Rights As the original call for articles for this Special Issue of Girlhood Studies on Ethical Practice highlighted, this is a much under-studied area in feminist research, and one which

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Fadi Amer

freedom, reflecting in its plurality each of these views in the notions of ‘capability’ and ‘process’, unified in the ‘comprehensive outcome’ model of individual advantage. Section III then offers a preliminary and exploratory investigation into the

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Beverly Crawford Ames and Armon Rezai

that has the capability to do so. To illustrate these hypotheses and our argument, we highlight the importance of an historical perspective for the understanding of present and future trajectories in the Eurozone and for the future of Europe as a

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Forcing Things Together That Are Normally Kept Apart

Public Health Knowledge and Smoking Practice

Simone J. Dennis


Current anthropological investigations of smoking offer limited insights into the practice, as they fail to account for how smokers and smoke itself draw things together that are assumed or desired to be kept apart. One of the qualities of smoke is its capacity to link disparate temporalities, spaces, and persons, whether or not connections between them are desirable. Smokers, themselves, too, draw together things as ostensibly different as cautionary public health information about smoking with its potentialities. The capability of smoke and smokers to connect disparate things tends to be overlooked in prevailing present-day anthropological analyses. This occurs when anthropologists align with public health approaches that privilege cessation agendas, rather than taking an independent approach that is anthropologically curious.

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Anna-Lisa Sayuli Fransson

When Sweden was confronted with the idea of building a gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea, the Swedish government found itself in a paradoxical situation. Should it give in to strong foreign interests and abandon its proudly held line of environmental policy, or stick to its profile at the risk of earning a powerful adversary? This narrative analysis, building on the government's official narratives, explains how and why the self-proclaimed environmental guardian of the sea ended up having it both ways. By using strategies of depoliticization, polarization, and parallel storytelling, the Swedish government surrendered narrative power to its antagonist, alternated between incompatible views of its own political capability, and added a happy ending to the pipeline tragedy. These strategies enabled the government to make an environmentally controversial decision without losing prestige or abandoning its ethical profile regarding the Baltic Sea.