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Exposed Intimacies

Clinicians on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ellen Block

infection. In order to reduce this risk, clinicians are limiting the time and frequency of visits with their patients and are reducing physical touch from their clinical encounters. Yet they feel deeply ambivalent about these safety measures, which put

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Thinking about Thinking

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Finding Continuity in US Military Veterans’ Embodied Minds

Anna Zogas

syllabus, reading assignments and weekly lectures about mental processes such as attention and memory. I draw on work from feminist critical disability scholars Rosemarie Garland-Thomson and Victoria Pitts-Taylor to show that VA clinicians respond to

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Anticipation and Episodic Time

Cheryl Mattingly

in now-ness was not how Drea initially experienced her daughter's illness. When Sashi was first diagnosed, Drea described herself as in full battle mode, including confronting clinicians. Sashi's doctors wanted to give her chemotherapy as well as

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Shane Harrison

trauma and imposing unnecessary expectations (288). Psychotherapist Joe Kort closes out the volume with very practical considerations of sexual disorientation, sexual compulsions, and kink interests, encouraging clinicians to not just work to reduce

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Fredrik Nyman, Roberta Zavoretti, Linda Rabben, and David M. R. Orr

-cultural and biomedical contexts, this collaborative cross-disciplinary effort advances the argument that it is not only clinicians who need to break old habits but anthropologists as well. While Chapter 1 outlines the urgency for better understandings of

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From Hope to §3-1

Legal Selves and Imaginaries in the Wake of Substance Treatment Reform in Norway

Aleksandra Bartoszko

emotion from her linguistic repertoire in her communications with OST clinicians. However, as noted, Siv’s language was not all that changed. A closer look at her final documents reveals that the person speaking here is Siv not as a person but as a legal

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Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

modalities, patients’ histories and descriptions of their experiences gain increasing importance as a source of knowledge about COVID-19 for clinicians. Crucially, Colas observes, while this results often in distrust of the clinician amongst family members

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Voicing Pride and Futurity in the Age of A.I.

An Interview with Playwright Pao-Chang Tsai on Solo Date

Jing Chen and Pao-Chang Tsai

episode of NPR in which a scientist described having been able to pinpoint the exact location of the brain that is activated when falling in love. By applying machine-assisted cognitive behavioral therapy, clinicians were able to help “train” lovesick

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The correct secret

Discretion and hypertransparency in Chinese biosecurity

Katherine A. Mason

have the capacity to achieve the hypertransparency in reporting that their superiors demanded. For example, at some participating hospitals, clinicians who juggled 100 patients per day were expected to identify those who might have a reportable disease

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Steven Eastwood

, reveals more about conservative ideas of what it means to be human in general than it does about autism. Mark Osteen (2008: 12–13) points out that clinicians measure autism in terms of how human or not human a person is. Culturally there is still a