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Towards a Historical Ontology of Violence

Yusuf Has

My aim in this article is to move the problematic of violence and its role in politics to a historico-ontological plane. I propose a perspective that breaks with the dominant subjectivist concept of human violence and its metaphysical foundations, which fail to distinguish this concept from that of aggression. According to this perspective, we are already in the field of violence in our everyday social existence, regardless of our personal choices or intentions, the sources of which are systemic. The ontological essence of this systemic violence lies in the fact that it is not external to human subjects but is engraved in their very social being by penetrating into the discourses, practices and frames of mind that make up their historical disposition, which makes it in many instances harder to escape than subjective violence. What I call from this ontological perspective the 'violence of closure' has the effect ultimately of suppressing the possibilities of social being open to human beings in their given historical situation, by normalising the existing way of social and political existence, and closing them off to alternatives. I argue that to this violence of closure must be opposed the violence of dis-closure, which, in its various particular intellectual and practical forms, can open up human social existence to its repressed possibilities.

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Misdirection, Displacement and the Nisse in Hilda and the Black Hound

Monalesia Earle and Joe Sutliff Sanders

Wester's book) go largely unheard. 31 The signifying performance of misdirection also lends itself to a study of comics that pays careful attention to the gutters, especially to what has come to be known as ‘closure’. Scott McCloud popularised the

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Questioned Nationalism

John Bendix

Zef Segal , The Political Fragmentation of Germany: Formation of German States by Infrastructures, Maps, and Movement, 1815–1866 (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) Christian Karner , Nationalism Revisited: Austrian Social Closure from

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Proximity, Responsibility and Temporality at Resource Frontiers

Corporate-Community Relations in the Colombian Mining Sector

Laura Knöpfel

Colombian coal mining corporation and a subsidiary of the Swiss commodity enterprise Glencore PLC, the future closure of its two coal mines in the North Colombian department El Cesar was omnipresent. 1 The officials of the SR team (SR officials) depicted

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Unruly Tramscapes

Literary Mobilities and 1930s London Tramway Closure Events

Jason Finch

writing in the memoir form, concerned with the tramways of London in their phase of decline and closure, between the 1930s and the 1950s. It argues that there is room for a more fully literary account of the mobility histories and geographies surrounding

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“What Am I Supposed To Say?”

Engagement, Epistemic Friction, and Exhibitionary Practice at the South African Museum and !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

Megan Mulder

) points out that the closure of the diorama and its replacement by an exhibit that seamlessly shifts the museumgoer into some other past world, has effectively enabled the institution to avoid a confrontation with their complicity in the “blood and

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Lessons from the Framing Contest over UK Shale Development

Impotence and Austerity in Environmental Politics

Laurence Williams

debate and the associated lack of discursive closure in the UK shale development case; and (2) questions that emerge from this case about discursive dynamics in environmental politics more broadly concerning the status of ecological modernization and the

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Returning to Nature

Post-carbon Utopias in Svalbard, Norway

Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard

In 2017, the Norwegian government announced the closure of the coal mines in Svea, Svalbard, and that all mining infrastructure, including the Svea settlement itself, should be dismantled. 1 The stated goal was to restore the place to its

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Understanding the Broader Impacts of COVID-19 on Women and Girls in the DRC through Integrated Outbreak Analytics to Reinforce Evidence for Rapid Operational Decision-Making

Simone Carter, Izzy Scott Moncrieff, Pierre Z. Akilimali, Dieudonné Mwamba Kazadi, and Karen A. Grépin

-value perishable products. This sector is generally unregulated ( Cano 2019 ), heavily taxed and does not benefit from social security or other government benefits. The border and market closures implemented as part of the response to COVID-19 resulted in limited

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Fatherless Children and Listening Spirits

Measuring Kinship in Ritual in Northern Laos

Rosalie Stolz

negotiations came to an end. The second stage of the ritual—the pinching of rice and meat—points to a non-human source of authority in measuring kinship and producing closure and obligation. If at a certain point “the criteria and commitments constituted